Running Vs Brisk Walking: Pros & Cons Of Both Revealed

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Running Vs Brisk Walking: Pros & Cons Of Both Revealed

Brisk walking and running are the most common workout routines followed by the people. The best thing about these workout routines is that they keep you in good health and shape without having to worry about the paraphernalia or hitting the gym.

From fitness and health freaks to those who wish to shed those extra pounds, walking and running workout are quite convenient and refreshing for everyone. However, it has always been a matter of debate that which one is more meritorious in the long run. Here is a list of all the good things about power walking and running:-

Why Is Brisk Walk Beneficial?

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#1. Continuity: While a strenuous workout can exhaust you in a shorter span of time, brisk walking keeps you fit without tiring you. It is easier to continue brisk walking for a longer period of time.

#2. Healthy Heart: Brisk walking is the best-known way to keep a healthy heart. According to the studies conducted at the Harvard Medical School, walking every day for 21 minutes can minimize the risk of heart disease by 30%.

#3. Walking Workouts: One good thing about brisk walking is that you can also add on various walking workouts like lunges along with it. You can also carry an armband in order to keep your upper body in tone.

#4. Keeps Joint Troubles Away: Brisk walking is the kind of activity which does not go hard on your joint, unlike any other heavy work out.

#5. Controls Blood Pressure: If you have high blood pressure, walking is one of the best ways to lower it down. As per the research carried out at Arizona State University, walking only for ten minutes a day can help you keep your blood pressure in control.

#6. Age No Bar: It is difficult for the elderly to pursue a vigorous workout routine. Brisk walking is something that can be followed by people from different age groups.

#7. Immunity Booster: Following a half an hour brisk walk routine every day can help in increasing the number of immunity cells in your body and your chances of falling sick are minimized. 

Areas Where Brisk Walking lacks


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If you are looking for an effective method to put off your weight quickly, brisk walk is not your thing. Brisk walking takes longer to show any effect on your weight. It also does not have any considerable effect on your upper body.

When you start any sort of exercise on a regular basis, your calories continue to burn even after you are done with your daily session. This afterburn effect is lower when you go for a brisk walk.

Why Is Running Beneficial?

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#1. Fast Weight Loss: Running is one of the quickest ways to shed all those extra pounds. It is an effective method to get rid of that beer belly.

#2. Energy Booster: Since it requires a lot of energy, keeping up with your running routine gradually increases your energy level and stamina for enduring physical stress.

#3. Stronger Bones: Running is also best known for increasing the bone density and strengthening your bones, as per a research conducted at Boston University.

#4. Sound Sleep: Another benefit of running is that it helps improve the quality of your sleep. Going for a run every day can keep those uninvited daytime yawns in abeyance.

#5. Sharper Brain: Studies show that running has the attribute of putting the age-related mental illness at the minimum. It works on the areas like selective memory, task switching, working memory etc.

#6. Confidence and Self-esteem: People who follow a running routine are found to be having a better self-esteem and a higher level of confidence. Running also has the tendency to make you more goal-oriented.

#7. Healthy Respiration: Running results in a remarkable improvement in your respiratory system. It is one of the best-known ways to keep common cold at a distance.

Certain Demerits Of Running

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It is generally seen that people who go for a run are likely to get exhausted and begin skipping or reducing their sessions. While on one hand running increases your bone density, it also poses a great risk for your weight bearing joints, especially for people who are obese or have a previous joint ailment. Since activities like running put pressure on your heart for more blood supply, the risk of heart attack is likely to increase.

We would love to hear from you. Drop in your inputs on your favorite workout option. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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Opinions (2)

Brisk walking doesn’t help in losing weight. And that’s true that workout is the most

 important activity to shed those extra kilos. Whereas Brisk walking also helps to lose

weight. It isn’t a short-lived physical activity, however, it is time-consuming. It is really

helpful for the people who cannot run like the elders, but it doesn’t show results very

quickly. One has to run and sweat to lose that bulging fat in a faster and efficient way. So,

next time when you guys want to get that toned fit body, start running. 

Brisk Walking

I think brisk walking is better as you can continue it for a longer period of time without getting tired. 

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