How do you maintain your Laptop’s Battery in Good Health?

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How do you maintain your Laptop’s Battery in Good Health?

Is you Laptop's battery giving you major troubles? Do you want to learn how to maintain the battery life in order to ensure the system works for longer hours efficiently and effectively?

From regular maintenance to hacks, you can preserve your Laptop's battery in multiple ways. While some opt to get frequent servicing to ensure battery and machinery in the system do not succumb to the dust particles in the air, others use certain hacks to keep their system like  new one.

If you adopt any such method that has helped to increase the battery life of your Lappy, share it with us. Comment on the box below to help those who are seeking an answer to this vital question. 

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One technique that I have learned with personal experience is to not leave the laptop on an overnight charge. It completely destroys the battery and starts draining the same in a couple of months. Not switching the laptop off and putting it on sleep mode is another reason why battery works inefficiently. This too should be avoided.

We can easily maintain our laptop’s battery in good health. There are certain steps that we must follow to keep our battery as good as new. These are as follow:-

1. Try not to multi-task on your laptop, it drains the battery faster.

2. Try to keep the brightness in the required level.

3. Do not to over-charge the laptop.

4. Do not leave it unutilised, it will drain your battery and become less efficient with time.

The best way to maintain your laptop's battery is never over charge it.over charging the battery damages it. 

It is important that your laptop has a good battery life. The whole purpose of having a portable device gets defeated otherwise. Don't overload your laptop with applications and take good care of it. 

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