How to Configure Netgear Wireless Router: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Configure Netgear Wireless Router: The Ultimate Guide

A wireless router is said to be the backbone of home network. In case you are trying to establish a network using Netgear router, you should properly set it up to prevent your connection from an unauthorized access. Once you are done with new extender setup, the next step is to configure your router. In this guide, we will lay down a series of steps for you to consider while configuring your Netgear wireless router. Read on.

Update router’s firmware

The web interface of Netgear WiFi router varies on the basis of model number and firmware updates. It is worth notable that the web page should show at the top. Prior to going for a secure configuration, it is significant to verify that whether your device has the latest firmware version installed on it or not. In case your gadget makes use of mywifiext Netgear login, follow the steps below:

•    First of all, go to advanced section.

•    Select firmware update option placed at the left side of page.

•    Confirm if a new version of firmware is available by clicking on check button.

•    Walk through on-screen steps to proceed further for updating firmware.

Some devices allow you to save the file on computer. After that, install it. In short, make sure to keep your Netgear wireless router up-to-date.

Change admin password

We all are aware of the fact that the device comes with the latest security updates. Therefore, it’s a great idea to change mywifiext-net login password as it is very easy for hackers to crack the default password. It is recommended to create a strong password. Don’t use your name, birth date, and mobile number in the passcode.

In order to change the passkey, open a web browser and navigate to once you are on the webpage, select advanced section. Next, click on set password option and change it as per your needs. Finally, hit apply button. From now onwards, you have to enter new password whenever you want to connect to this website.

Configure LAN settings

So, you have updated the router firmware to the latest version and changed the admin password. However, there are still some settings which may put your online security at risk. If your Netgear router uses the default factory settings, a hacker can easily guess them and let malicious web content enter your network.

To change settings on your router, go to advanced tab and click on LAN setup button. Now, you can type new values next to IP address field. It is advisable to note down the new IP address for future use. Once done, click on apply button. You will get a notification saying that you have successfully changed the address of your device.

After that, reboot your router. It will take some time depending on your device’s speed. You have to enter new address to confirm access. Check DNS settings and make changes into them according to your requirements. Finally, hit apply button to save all changes you have made.
Configure wireless security

Most of the Netgear routers are designed in a way to safeguard your data from web-based threats. By default, they are configured to utilize easy but insecure WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) method. It allows users to connect to a network just by typing a pin code. However, the limitation of this method is that it makes equally easy for a hacker to discover correct pin code and access your network.

To change wireless security settings, go to wireless section and click on WPS settings. Check the box which says enable router’s PIN. Once done, apply settings and wait for a few minutes to let them come into effect.

So, that’s how you can configure your wireless router after completing Netgear extender setup. Don’t forget to log out from the web user interface once you have changed settings as per your needs.

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