4 Smart Apps created for moms by mobile app developers

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4 Smart Apps created for moms by mobile app developers

With gender equality and more mothers taking up jobs as dads, life is becoming more complex and simpler at the same time. Isn’t it? Well, it is.
More money with moms and dads earning for the family shoulder to shoulder, the financial crisis remain at bay. You may think if financial stability is achieved in a family, what kind of help will they need from the smartphone apps? We are talking about the mental stability and more organised way of life which comes from work-home balance. This becomes all the more difficult to handle when you have kids around.  
Don’t worry. There are apps which are dedicated to make a mom’s life more organised and confusion-free. Thanks to the mobile app developers who have come up with.

How about taking advantage of these amazing apps?

Not only moms but single dads or night-shift working dads will be able to make their day more productive and organised as a baby-sitter! Let’s have a look at the apps that we believe will make your days much more easier than ever!

1. Skip the mess with Mommy Nearest app:

It has become so simpler with this app for the moms or the dads to find a similar place where the kids and children would like to stay and enjoy themselves. Kudos to the smart mobile app developers who created such a smart interesting and helpful app. It is directed towards finding such happening places for kids in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas etc. It’s up to you which type of family-spots would you like to go with your kids. Fun places with games, shopping or eat out something! After all, why should kids have all the fun. Whole family can go out and spend some leisure time in these friendly spaces.  
How does this app help? You can find details of the places and what all is possible at a particular place. Tips, hours of visiting, reviews, age and contact info as well as pricing and offers. You get everything you want and spend the most memorable and productive time with your kids learning new things.

2. Simple Family Organisation with Cozi:

We can categorize the Cozi app as the most simple family organiser app because of many reasons. It’s features are really helpful and meaningful meant to direct your daily life in a more productive and time-saving manner. The mobile app creator of this app has included the following features in the apps:
● Family events and activities in one place to keep things simplified.
● Sharing as well as keeping the grocery list to be displayed to all members in real time.
● Ask for suggestions and plan meals, and go shopping for ingredients.
● Desktop access is also possible!  
It is completely like Asana which is used in the corporate workplaces to keep the employees updated about their tasks and track progress in real-time as well as see the events happening.  

3. Find a perfect babysitter with UrbanSitter:

A directory kind of app which has the information and bio-data and profiles of over 50,000 babysitters available in 60 cities of the United States. Trustful babysitters are just a call away after you sign up or register on the website.  
Not only a great platform for the parents in need of a babysitter but also for the babysitters who are looking for more part-time jobs. We love the dual functionality that the mobile app developers have included in this app for sure. It is most probably the best app to locate the nearest babysitters according to the recommendations.

4. Distribute the Chores with Chorma:

The mobile app creator and his team for Chorma seems to be a very great team players. Well, that’s not a funny observation at all as the app itself encourages a productive and healthy competition among the members of the family.

How is this going to help?

The burden of handling a home shouldn’t fall only on the parents or only kids. Chorma helps distribute the tasks in a very justified and fair manner. A to-do list is prepared and the members start to complete the work so that they can earn rewards. These rewards can thus be converted to extra incentive and awards to enjoy. These are special rewards for tasks like walking a dog or taking the trash out. The best thing is that the tasks that are not liked by most of us are done for the rewards. This is seriously the great chore app developed by the mobile app developers.

We discussed in detail about the 4 apps that are really going to help parents in handling kids and home- together!

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