Reasons: why you should use Ncrypted Whatsapp clone?

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Reasons: why you should use Ncrypted Whatsapp clone?

The most well known Chatting application, Today’s trend is that almost everyone is using a messaging app to stay connected with the rest of the world. Whatsapp has brought an incredible favorable position among internet based life locales that let the client speak with each other in secure way. All you require have is the web or WiFi association with send messages by which you can maintain a strategic distance from SMS charges. One such application is the Whatsapp clone of Ncrypted technology, a clone of Whatsapp that has an additional preferred advantage to the clients.

Ncrypted technolgies clone and script for whatsapp is too much intresting features you can build your own chat application like whatsapp.

Secret Chat:

This is allows You to have secret chat with your contacts The main thing is you can set the destruction time for chat. automatically chat could be deleted from your phone.

Unlimited texting :

With the Ncrypted whatsapp clone script, you will have the option to provide unlimited texting to the users. There used to be a set limit for them to exchange the messages. Now, the people can have the privilege to send unlimited text messages to their friends.

Share Location :

By using google map you can share that accurate point of your location. The receiver can tap on the chat, open Maps and then adhere to reach to your point.

End To End Encryption :

The main reason behind the end-to-end Encryption is there are too much personal information or file being shared on Whatsapp clone application. only two parties can read or listen that conversation. also where no one is includes the government can check into it.

Audio and video calls :

Video calling is available to Android and Windows phone users. If your desktop OS is not supported, video calling will not be applicable to you. We are totally aware that it is so tough to make calls to your friends and family who live in various nations? This is one reason why we have presented this component in our clone. The clients will have the capacity to make audio calls to their friends and family and furthermore video calls also. All they need is a steady web association and that will assist them with having everlasting discussions with their loved ones.

chat lock :

If you want to make sure that no-one, and absolutely no-one has access to your WhatsApp messages, you should lock your chat with a chat lock. This is one of the most important features which are available in our clone script and it is hard to be found in other scripts.

Last seen Hiding:

The user can go incognito with this feature where you can disable the last seen feature and this will not allow the other users to know about your online status. The timestamp feature says that whether a user is online or in offline. The time can also be hidden from all the folks from all the unknown users. The data can be visible to all the WhatsApp users.

There are many Reasons or new features you can customized as per your requirement. Ncrypted Technology will helps you to create best messaging application like whatsapp clone.

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