Everything You Need To Know About Sky GO

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Everything You Need To Know About Sky GO

Sky Go, a great app launched by Sky technologies in 2016 which enables users to watch their programs on compatible devices on the go. It doesn't matter where you are, all you will need is a compatible device and an uninterrupted 3G/Broadband/Internet connection. 

What all should I know before using Sky Go? 

You need to know that Sky Go will only be available to those users who are in the UK or Ireland. Sky Go is available on all platforms viz:- IOS/Android/ Microsoft, and the compatible devices include XBOX-360, XBOX- 1 & 1S also. Sky suggest you have an uninterrupted web connectivity with a minimum speed of 500Kbps but it isn't generally needed, provided you are not away from the Wi-Fi modem.

The app does really good when connected to a 3G/4G connection except that it guzzles your data balance. That’s why we would suggest having a Wi-Fi connectivity. Sky has made sure that you can choose the video quality so that you can regulate the data usage or enjoy their service even at low internet speeds. 

How to watch Sky Go?

Using Sky Go is as easy as watching in on your TV. You need to download the app first and register your details and get an ID and password. You can register at skygo.com. 

Sky Go is free for users who have subscribed to their TV channels. Yo can avail the same services on your mobile devices free of cost.

Once you have finished these open the app, log in and enjoy the service. It’s very common to see in the first few minutes the streaming becoming sluggish as the app will be testing the bandwidth of the network connection.  

What’s Sky Go On-demand?

On-demand Videos is not a new service actually, Sky Go started offering this feature to its users without any extra charges. The issue with this lies in the need to be connected to the web always that causes issues while travelling on a flight or underground metros.

When will I need Sky Go extra?

Sky provides its app service free of cost to users who have already paid for the TV services. Up to 2 devices can be registered for free. You will need to get Sky Go Extra only if you want to register more devices at €6/month. Offline feature is only available to paid users.

Can all contents be downloaded in Sky Go Extra?

Only those channels that you have subscribed to in your Sky package can be downloaded for offline purposes.If you don’t have all the movie channels, you won’t be able to access all the movies offered by Sky.  

How long can I keep the downloaded content?

Sky doesn't want you to keep the contents offline on your PC/Mobile device for any more than 30 days after which it will be removed. However, there are no limits on the number of times you can download a content as long as you pay the subscription charge every month.

Are there any limits on the number of contents that can be downloaded?

Currently, there are no such limits. You can download as many contents you want if your device storage permits.

What if I need any help/assistance with the app?

Sky gives immense importance to its customers, you can reach them by calling at sky customer service number.

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