Top loading vs front loading washing machine

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Top loading vs front loading washing machine

As a novice buyer, when you decide to buy a washing machine for your household you often tend to remain confused about which one to choose. The question often comes to your mind that: ‘Should I buy a top load washer or a front load washer?’

To help in the decision-making process, here is a closer look at the pros and cons of each washing machine type:

Top loading washing machine:

Budget-constraint people usually tend to buy the Top loading washing machine, as they are affordable as compared to the front loaders. Since it is cheaply priced, it does not have the features of energy and water efficiency. But one of the positive attributes of the top loading machines is they are quite user-friendly, and the principle of operation is easy-to-understand for aged individuals.

They simply need to dump their clothes, fill the water up to the marked level and push the washing button. People do not have to bend to get or drop their clothes, which is a bit uneasy for aged people. Moreover, the water easily drains out from the pipe and prevents the machine from developing molds or a damp smell.

Front loading washing machine:

The biggest advantage of front loading washing machine is it can help you save a lot of energy and water. Though the appliance is a bit expensive, it consumes less electricity, and you do not have to bear huge electricity bill.

Moreover, the washer can let you wash various types of clothing and user does not have to worry about the agitator ruining the fabric of your delicate dress. In a front loading machine, the usage of detergent is less, as the tumbling action infuses more detergent.

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