Most wanted kitchen appliances to a homemaker

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Most wanted kitchen appliances to a homemaker

A kitchen is the part of the house where cooking and preparation of a meal is undertaken. With the invention of more and more appliances helps women as well as men to perform elaborate functions which are transforming the kitchen into a storehouse of luxury and also essential requirements. 

Although we women invest smartly in these machines, some of the equipment are masterpieces that are specially made to save our time and energy. Since kitchen has transitioned from a place for food preparation to a gathering place for friends and family.

There are many appliances available that can be used in the kitchen. However, it is up to us which equipment we require. Let us look at the must-have appliances in the kitchen:

• Cooking Range/ Stove: The gas stoves comes in 2, 3 or 4 burner types. The type of stove you choose depends on the number fo family members and your requirement. The cooking range has inbuilt oven along with the burners for cooking.

• Fridge/ refrigerator: Some of the features we should look while buying fridge is the capacity, space in our kitchen and the price. One should purchase a fridge with adjustable shelves to allow you to create more space. Another major factor is looking for a high star energy rating appliance to save energy.

• Water Purifier: The main function of purifier is to make the water free from germs and contaminants. The water purifier uses either reverse osmosis, UV filter or both process. Nowadays due to high pollution, every homemaker should have a water purifier for safety purpose.

• Microwave or Convection Oven or OTG: Oven is used to heat, cook and bake too. Convection ovens are the best types of oven used for baking and heating of foods.

• Hand-Held Blender and Mixer Grinder: A blender is an important appliance for the preparation of recipes. It is used for blending, grinding and mixing food. It should be low in maintenance and easy to clean. It is very much easier to use compared to mixer grinder.

• Toaster: Any type of bread can be toasted using a toaster. You should select toaster which saves energy and also should consist of two slots and a tray for accumulating the crumbs which can be cleaned easily.

• Food Processor: This electronic device is similar to a blender. It comes with multiple blades and attachments so that you can perform various activities with the same machine such as shredding or grating cheese, slicing/ chopping vegetables, pureeing, coconut scrapping, mincing, blending, grinding items like nuts, seeds or meat, kneading dough and much more.

• Hand-Held Electric Whisk: The whisk is used for beating and stirring while preparing the batter for baking purpose.

• Rice Cooker: Rice cooker enables proper cooking of rice compared to the traditional cooking method in a pot.

• Sandwich Toaster: you can make different kinds of sandwiches with a sandwich toaster. Other varieties in toaster include Panini presses, Grill toaster.

• Electric Kettle: The kettle is used for boiling water for preparation of tea or coffee.

• Dishwasher: This is used to wash and clean dishes and vessels. The dishwasher should contain racks that are adjustable to accommodate vessels of different sizes.

• Electric Chimney: The main function of a chimney is to remove the smoke that culminates during cooking food. The chimney should not make noise and possess more suction power.

Other appliances that might be needed in your kitchen are soda maker, induction stove, electric whisk, roti maker, air fryer, barbecue maker, coffee maker, tandoor oven, etc. Apart from these, other items that are required include measuring cups and spoons, chopping board, and food weighing balance. All types of utensils are a must requirement in the kitchen, which are used for cooking and preparation of all recipes.


In the market, there are many brands that have come up with many appliances with numerous features and functions. Thus, we as a consumer should be very careful while selecting the appliances and the brand which is entrusted and will be useful for the end use of the equipment. We should compare the functions and features of various brands for an appliance and then decide which is the brand with best features that will fulfil our need as well as should be cost-effective too.

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Cooking range or stove

The cooking range or stove, fridge, water purifier and the food processor are the most essential things needed in a kitchen the rest option of course would make a comfortable kitchen.

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