What are ways to childproof a kitchen?

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What are ways to childproof a kitchen?

Small children are usually more curious, playful and active in nature, and they tend to touch experiment everything that comes in front of their eyes.

The hazardous kitchen utensils and appliances can cause cuts and burns. As children are not quite aware of these objects, they can unknowingly touch the things and get hurt. To overcome such disastrous consequences, parents need to childproof their kitchen area in an effective manner.

As it is not always possible for the parents to keep a strict eye on their mischievous child and his pranks, it is better to follow certain precautionary measures. As the kitchen is the unsafe space of the home, it is wise to childproof it and protect your little one from potentially harmful stuff like knives, glasses, and heavy cooking utensils.

Here are some of the best ways to childproof the kitchen and ensure the well-being of your little ones:

Safe storage of sharp objects

•    Try to store all the sharp kitchen stuff like knives, forks, and cutting accessories in a separate cabinet.
•    The cabinet should be located at greater heights so that children could not get access to these harmful kitchen objects.

Unplug all electrical appliances

•    After usage of the electric appliances like blender, microwave or roti maker try to unplug them immediately.
•    Moreover, after unplugging the cord, keep them out of reach of children.

Be cautious while pouring hot liquids

•    While pouring or transferring hot liquid, always perform the activity safely, so that it does not come in contact with the skin.
•    Additionally, never leave a hot utensil near a child as it can cause severe burns and scars.

Follow safety measures to use refrigerators

•    Freezers are safe kitchen appliances, but to young children, it can lead to accidents like pulling out glass containers that can fall and shatter.
•    Children should also not have access to the deep freezer unit, as it is used to store raw meats, eggs and other foods that would be problematic for a kid.
•    It is best to keep the door of the refrigerator locked so that children could not open it.

Garbage cans

•    Always keep the garbage tucked into a cabinet so that babies and toddlers cannot reach them.
•    Kids can unknowingly put their hands into the trash bin and eat foods or objects that are old, expired or unsafe.

Keeping the kitchen door locked

•    As a final precaution, you can think of installing a child-safety gate in the kitchen doorway or keep the doors locked after use. It can prevent unwanted entry of the children into the kitchen premises.

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