8 Struggles That Only Girls With Small Breasts Will Understand

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8 Struggles That Only Girls With Small Breasts Will Understand

Last week, I was listening to my mom as she tried to make my teenage sister, who has very petite breasts by the way (not that I look at them or anything), feel better by telling her that she never had big boobs up until she gave birth. “Small boobs run in the family”, she said, which is funny because my big sister is more on the C-side if you know what I mean. Given society’s attitude towards small breasted women, I totally understood why poor little Janice felt left out. Her female friends at school are probably out there getting boys with their huge cleavages while she can’t even get a low cut shirt that fits. From constant teasing to endless derision's, the struggle is real. Here are some of the problems that only girls with small breasts will understand. 

Cleavage is just another word in the dictionary

You can try stuffing some sliced bacon in there, squeeze those suckers up a little bit, tape them or even try on a push-up bra. But every time you look down your chest, it just gets more and more depressing. What’s even worse, you can’t help some little jealousy whenever you see your friends wiggling their mugs and bouncing them up and down when they are jogging. Try shaking your chest a little bit, nothing moves. And when you’re eating popcorn, and some pieces happen to fall off from your hand, your small boobs are of no use here. You just feel them sliding down your belly to your thighs like a canoe on a waterfall.

Going braless is not an option for you

Every time you leave the house, you have to put on a damn bra. Otherwise, your perky little breasts will look like two tiny tents in that cute top you’re wearing. And if you try wearing a push-up bra, everybody can see straight through your shirt that you’re indeed wearing a push-up; and Lord knows people can be judgmental. Whenever you go to the boutique, it’s not that easy to find a bra that fits perfectly, and if you do, it’ll probably be in the kids' section. Talk about out-and-out disgrace.

Guys will always concentrate on your face because, well, there’s nothing else to see

No matter how strongly you deny this, women love it when guys are throwing small glances at their boobs. It’s a little flattering, I suppose. I mean, sure it’s a little creepy but, it’s also complimentary when they notice those endowments. (Read: This is why Men are so Crazy about Women's Breasts). Again, if the guy is flirting with you, you get a brief moment to check them out. But what happens when your boobs don’t really speak for you? It gets somewhat confusing and the guy will just have to keep his eyes on your face. So be prepared to do some extra blushing.

You have to work harder for a flat tummy

With those small breasts, you definitely don’t want to add too much weight. And if your tummy decides to get stubborn and grow bigger, you’ll have a hard time explaining to everyone that you’re not pregnant. So get a diet sequence, hit the gym, hell read fitness books and journals. Just don’t let that tummy bulge too much. But if it does, these tips on how to dress better might come in handy!

Everybody thinks you’re younger than you actually are

Okay, this might be a good thing for some girls. But it also means that you get to miss out on some important stuff; grown-up stuff. For instance, you’ll perhaps get ID-ed when you’re trying to get into a club if you forgot your ID at home. And that’s not even the scary part. It’s flattering when guys think you’re young and cute, but it’s a huge turn off when they think you’re immature just because you’re ‘underdeveloped’.

Occasionally, people will think you’re a boy

Thinking of cutting your hair short? This might be your biggest nightmare. Every time you dress casually, people will have a harder time deciding if you’re a female or not. And when you lie down, your boobs totally vanish. So you’ll have a tough wrap up to do. Either put on tight tops and admit to the world that you actually have small breasts or wear those lose shirts that don’t directly put everything out there and have the joke of been mistaken for a 13-year old boy on you.

Your bikinis will rarely come as a set

Girls with small boobs often have bigger bottoms. It’s like a picture-perfect compromise. So when you’re shopping for a bikini, the only bra that will be a perfect fit for your tiny breasts will come with small panties too. So you’ll just have to buy them separately; the bikini top from the sprogs' section and the panties from the rather adults corner. And everybody in the store will be looking at you. Judging.

You’re insecure and a little worried that your boyfriend may not like you once he realizes what’s underneath

Well, this is particularly for girls who wear padded bras and stuff them to give the impression that their boobs are bigger. As hard as it is to admit, you are a little apprehensive that your partner might be disappointed once you ditch that padded bra, even though he probably won’t care. It’s okay to feel this way though. The important thing, however, is to be confident that he is, in fact, in love with you: not your boobs.

It’s not a crime to have small breasts, and in all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with being petite. Not to sound sarcastic here but, your boobs are perfect. It’s just harder for people to see them. So what you have small breasts. Most guys dig that. At least you don’t have to deal with the horror of them sagging. You don’t have to feel small. You’re a total babe!

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