What is the Right Age for Wearing a Bra?

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What is the Right Age for Wearing a Bra?

Just when you thought that there’s nothing good about growing up, you are finally introduced to your first bra. Bras play an important role in a teenage girl’s life because it quite literally provides her with the support and protection that she needs.

From her first bra fitting (which are usually quite uncomfortable) to her lusting around the lingerie sections of every showroom defines her ‘growing up’ phase. With so many options to explore through, bra ultimately becomes a girl’s best friend.

While right now you must be showing off your racer back bra to all your friends, do you remember the first time that you were asked to try one? Was it awkward? Was it comfortable? Here’s all you need to walk down the memory lane.

#1. Do I Need A Bra?

Your need of wearing a bra is based on certain developments that take place in your body during puberty. A bra is meant to provide support, grip, and coverage to your tender breasts which otherwise would slag. This list will talk about the signs that your body gives to tell you that it’s time to shop for your first bra.

#. When the breast buds start poking out from your shirt.

#. When your regular jumping starts feeling awkward due to the breast movement.

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#. When you start feeling the need of some support for holding your breasts.

#2. What Age Should You Wear A Bra?

Girls often face the question of ‘do I need a bra’ as soon as they hit their first period. While there is no such fixed age of when you should start wearing a bra; it usually collides around the same time when you start menstruating. Talking in numbers, a girl with an average built might feel the need of wearing a bra at the age of 12-13, whereas plump girls will need it a little earlier. Tall girls can wait for a little longer ( say till 14) to experience their first bra-fitting session.

To make your first bra fitting a comfortable experience, we would suggest you start with a camisole. A camisole acts as a bridge which helps you in moving towards the world of real bras. While switching from a camisole to an actual bra, you’d experience a better grip and structure.

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#3. Should I Wear A Bra To School?

Wearing a bra does not vary with the place you walk in but with the way your body indicates you. If your breast buds have started poking out of your shirt, then it’s time that you shop for your first bra. And because it usually happens around the age of 11-12, you will end up wearing a bra to school. You might even start wearing them at a younger age in case you are healthy.

To begin with, you can always start wearing a push-up or a beginner’s bra which will help you feel comfortable while performing the daily routine tasks. In case you workout or running is part of your daily schedule, then a sports bra or training bra will provide your breasts with a great support and a better grip. Training bras are comfortable when you are still in the process of breast development. They provide you with support until you are ready to switch on to an actual bra. Training bras have soft cups which provide more coverage making them your go-to pick while wearing a t-shirt.

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How was your experience while shopping for your first bra? Let us know in the comment section below.

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11-12 years

I started with a training bra - the kind with the completely flat elastic "stretch cups" that expand and grow with you as you develop .It was,late summer 1980, a month after my 11th birthday and about a week before the start of 6th grade. I didn't really "need" it yet - at least not for much actual 'support' yet,anyway. My breasts were still really small -  just at the starting to "bud" '" stage and barely.- or maybe even not quite -a AA cup size yet. But I wanted a bra because that same summer between 5th and 6th grades, two of my best friends - one 10 and the other 11, both of whom weren't any more developed than me - had started wearing training bras. I thought wearing a training bra made them seem so grown up and sophisticated and I wanted a bra to fit in and be like them.Fortunately my mom was really cool about the whole thing. When I finally summed up the courage to ask her if I could start wearing a bra she said yes and took me shopping for one at Sears the next day. Getting measured for it in the store by the sales lady - and then having to try it on with both my mom and the sales lady with me in the fitting room was kind of embarrassing and nerve wracking, but once I finally had it on and my shirt back on, I felt so proud, excited.and very happy! :)

12-13 years

There isn't any specified age for wearing a bra. It all depends on the growth of the child. If the child has a good growth ratio, then it is obvious that her body parts will also develop and that is the time for her to wear a bra. Mothers need to take extra care, because it is a mother's duty to have a look at her daughter and provide her with essentials at the correct time. View this page- https://www.dollboxx.com.au/collections/scrunch-bikini to get the best for your growing daughter and make her look and feel good. Wearing a bra should not be a trauma but a choice.

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