4 Things to Do If You Regret Getting That Tattoo on Your Skin

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4 Things to Do If You Regret Getting That Tattoo on Your Skin

People get themselves tattooed for many different reasons. It could be to prove their bravery, to represent themselves, to always keep with them a permanent mark of someone or something they love, to show that they’re proud of who they are or who they love, to showcase the art of tattoo or maybe just to try something new.

However… not every tattooed person turns out to be proud of his/her tattoo after the undergoing the procedure or some time after a long time. Those people who no longer like the tattoo on their skins -- you could be one of them. It might be because written is the name of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or it’s a quote you once believed but not anymore. It could be because you are disappointed with the design or sadly, if you’ve just changed your reckless mind.

Here are 4 things that tattooed people do as a remedy after realizing that they hate or no longer want their tattoo. Check on them to know what to do if you’re one of them.


The least thing an inked person can do if he/she regrets having his/her tattoo is to cover them up with clothes or with accessories. It depends on where the tattoo is placed on the body.

If it’s on the arms, wearing long sleeved clothes, jackets and sweaters would be one of the best ways to cover them. If the tattoo is on the leg part, then shorts aren’t the most suitable bottoms to wear. Pants or long skirts are ideal. If it’s on the feet portion, closed shoes are very helpful or those sandals with thick or several straps that cover a huge area of the top surface of the feet. Other clothes and accessories which could be used include watches and bracelets (especially the thick ones) and scarves.

It could be a temporary or a permanent decision to wear these certain types of garments and add-ons most of the time or forever. This could be for a short-term technique if you’re planning to completely have your tattoo removed some time soon, or this could also be for a long-term decision.


For people who just hate how their tattoo turned out -- the design, the color, the size or whatsoever -- but still wants to have it, retouching or modifying the tattoo is the solution. In short, the bad tattoo will be the base of the new one. It could be covered by the new tattoo, or the new one will be connected to it.

For such decision, you surely have to make sure what outcome you exactly want to get. Ensure that the tattoo artist you’ll have this done from is surely an expert to do so.


If you are completely decided that you really don’t want your tattoo anymore, the best way to permanently get rid of it is to undergo laser tattoo removal. Since this is a medical procedure, it’s costly, however, it’s pricey for a reason. It doesn’t just happen in one session because it is treated as it is undergoing removal. Tattoo removal experts and dermatologists perform this job, so you’ll be assured that you’ll get the best results. Although for some certain cases, there are marks left and a bit of the ink is still manifested after laser tattoo removal, still for and from excellent services, any tattoo color and any shade have no match.

Those who experienced this say that it’s even more painful than getting it; some say it’s as hurtful as getting it. It’s time-consuming since you might be required to go for many days of sessions depending on the complexity of removing your tattoo.

It’s requires money, time and effort, but you will definitely get the results you need if you follow the doctor’s instructions about taking care of your skin after the removal is done and if you choose the right skin centre to undergo laser tattoo removal.

#4 - OKAY, FINE.

Finally, for other people who just sigh upon regretting getting inked, after some time, they just learn to accept their tattoo. Maybe because you can’t endure wearing long sleeves, you just accept it. Maybe because you don’t want to take another risk of getting a regretting tattoo again, you just accept it. Maybe because you don’t have any budget to prioritize having it removed or altered, you just accept it. Maybe because you realized that your tattoo, though regretful, means something to you or could be a sign of a life-long testimony, you just accept it. There are many possible reasons why some people, after regretting their tattoo, just accept it nonetheless.



So there you go -- 4 things people do after regretting their tattoo which you can also do after regretting yours. These are all different ways, and it’s up to you which one to take. Ask yourself, do you want your tattoo to remain, or do you want it completely and permanently removed? What to do with your skin is up to you.

Just remember that even before getting that tattoo, make sure that you’ll get it from skilled and licensed artists to avoid tattoo mistakes -- And before getting that tattoo changed or totally removed, make sure you let excellent skin centres and skin experts do it. Most of all before getting a tattoo, make sure you want it, and before getting a tattoo removed, make sure you no longer want it.

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. She cares a lot about her skin and her body, and through writing safe reminders and informative pieces about skin and health, she encourages others to care about theirs too.
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