Top 10 Most Interesting Baby Cosplay Costumes

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Top 10 Most Interesting Baby Cosplay Costumes

Are you a cosplay lover? If you already have your own baby, do you want to bring your baby to the cosplay parties? Maybe you have some doubts about this great idea. Such as which character will be more interesting? And where to buy these clothes? Then we list the top 10 most interesting and most popular baby cosplay costumes for you, hoping to give you some reference when making decisions and choices.

10 most interesting and most popular baby cosplay costumes

1.Captain America

Captain America is the superhero of Marvel Comics of America and debuted in the first issue of “Captain America Comics”. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kobe, it is considered a symbol of American spirit. This super soldier’s strength, speed, endurance and other physical capabilities are far beyond ordinary people, and he is also given by the U.S. government a shield made of Zhenjin, one of the world’s hardest metals. This perfect heroic character is, of course, the first choice. When your baby wears Captain America’s costume, with top masks and helmets, it becomes your own superhero. It’s so cool and cute.


Batman, the superhero of DC Comics. He is the first superhero without superpower in the history of comics. What is special is that this hero is very diverse: during the day, he is the second generation of the brainless, playboy in the eyes of others; at night, he is the dark knight who makes the criminals feel lost and afraid – Batman, if you expect you baby can scramble to eliminate evil when he grows up. Why not let him try this costume? Baby Batman will definitely be the focus of the cosplay party.

3.Scissorhands Edward

Edward Scissorhands is a famous love film about the tragic fairy tale of robot Edward who lived alone in the castle until he was taken home and fell in love with Pegue’s daughter Kim. Edward differs from the heroes listed above, and he does not look so handsome nor cool. This costume will be a bit complicated. You need to prepare a pair of scissors gloves for your baby and make a lot of dark circles and scars on his face. This dress will be very interesting, you will enjoy this process, this is the reason I recommend to you.


Superman is a superhero of DC Comics, debuting in the first issue of Action Comics. It is the first superhero in the history of comics. He is faster than the flying bullets and he is even more powerful than the locomotive. He has inherent supernatural abilities and a strong sense of justice and sympathy. In times of crisis, he wears a blue leotard and puts on a red cloak. He incarnates the superman to step forward and walk out of his way to save the world. When you look at someone wearing  blue tights and a red cloak, it’s Superman. This costume is more comfortable for the baby, this is also a good choice.

5.wonder Woman

Will your baby be naughty and you and your wife need to take care of them all day? If you have more than one child in your life and you and your wife act as heroes in life, this costume must be the best for you. In this way, the baby can cos with the sisters, how interesting it is, and they can make them more intimate.

6.Rocket Raccoon

The Rocket Racoon is the superhero of Marvel Comics of the United States and appears in the movie Galaxy Guard inside. His name and character come from the Beatles 1968 song “Rocky Raccoon”.He is a cosmic bounty hunter and mercenary, a genetically modified raccoon, a combination of animal and human genes, and possesses the same olfactory and sensory abilities as the earth raccoon. In addition, he is also proficient in all kinds of weapons, is an excellent sniper, and masters superb tactics. He is the most accurate person to shoot in the galactic guard team, and Groot is a close friend and master-servant relationship. This Unconventional costume is only perfect for the baby to try. The baby’s height will make the character more realistic. This set of equipment with no skin exposed and looks like a fierce bear with a gun. It can be said to be perfect. This must be what you are most looking forward to.


One of the fictitious role Pokémon that debuted in the handheld game series “Princess Pokémon” developed by Japan’s GAME FREAK and an animation adapted from it. Pikachu is a short, plump, round, rodent-type pokemon with a yellow coat. Its tail is like a jagged lightning and he has the superpower to launch lightning. His image is very cute. If your baby plays this role, it will be the loveliest and most attractive player.


Totoro is one of Japan’s most famous animation director Hayao Miyazaki’s movie masterpieces. The film depicts Japan’s beautiful nature that existed before the highly developed economy, the incredible world that only children can see, and the rich imagination. The Totoro is a cat’s image, with a gray body and a white belly. It is a friendly deep forest guardian. This costume is a suit, very convenient and comfortable, it is a good choice for your baby.

9.Sailor Moon

“Sailor Moon” is an animated cartoon of a magical girl made by Toei Animation. It tells the long story of the sailor moon of love and justice against the forces of darkness. If you have a baby princess, and she loves to wear a beautiful dress, then this dress is the most suitable choice. In addition to a beautiful dress is necessary, magic wand and wig are also needed.


“Beauty and the Beast” is an animated film produced by Disney in the United States. It depicts the love story of a prince who was transformed into a beast and a girl named Belle who came to rescue her father from the castle. Bella is not only elegant but beautiful and kind and brave. Bella is a charismatic character. The child Bella is also one of the most wanted roles for girls if they like to watch Disney animation.

Is this funny? Expecting us to list so many references really helps you, cosplays itself is a very interesting thing, if you play with your baby will have more surprises and fun. Our online shop, xcoos, also offers a wide range of apparel options. The customized service hopes to help your baby

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