27 Baby Boy Names That Are Becoming Extinct

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27 Baby Boy Names That Are Becoming Extinct

Just like fashion, names trend too. If you look around, you’ll notice that the current parents are naming their newborns after eerie stuff like major cities, big companies, fruits, colors and apparently, compass directions too… Kanye and Kim named their baby boy North West! It’s amazing how people’s minds work, don’t you think? 

Anyway, speaking of baby boys, the current generation seems quite optimistic to revolutionize everything, and the baby boy names are not any safe. Some of the oldest boy names that have been sent on for centuries are, finally, breathing their last and soon enough, they might just become totally extinct.

Here is my list of some of these names.

1. Dean

2. Cross

3. Geoffrey

4. Malcolm

5. Gary

6. Norman

7. Jonathan

8. Jake

9. Duncan

10. Derrick

11. Michael

Don’t make any faces folks. Michael is on the list too!

12. Horace

13. Roy

14. Neville

15. Clive

16. Clarence

17. Eston

18. Ezekiel

19. Arnold

20. Bill

21. Wayne

22. Ernest

23. Ephraim

24. Dennis

25. Nigel

26. Leonard

27. Larry

There was a time when names used to be passed on from generation to generation, but it seems that this vogue is becoming too old for this generation. Everybody wants something new for a change. But who knows. Some people might just decide to stick to the deep-rooted baby names. If Moccasins and Tuxedos have made it this far, why not baby names?

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