What does your Sitting Style Say about your Personality?

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What does your Sitting Style Say about your Personality?

The way you are sitting right now reveals a lot about your personality. Researchers have proved that sitting positions and personality are interlinked. Your sitting style tells a lot about you. Even though you may not realize it, you can get a lot of signals from the body language of those around you.

Poor body language may make you seem dishonest and uninteresting even if your words seem friendly and open. The sitting style of a person reveals personality in a multitude of ways. Your sitting style is a portrayal of what you are as a person.

Different sitting positions and styles and what these reveal about your personality

#1. If You Sit Erect

If your sitting position or sitting style is erect; back is straight and feet are firmly planted on the ground, it means that you are highly confident. This sitting position reveals that you are quite confident with yourself and can take over the world if you want to.

Sit Erect

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#2. If You Cross Your Legs

If your sitting style is crossed legs it means you are insecure. When you cross one leg over the other, it shows that you are hiding away yourself from others by shrinking your posture. Confident people don’t hide by using this sitting style. But like most body language rules, there are exceptional situations. Sometimes, this particular sitting style can make a bold statement. Like when you are cozying up to someone, and you cross your legs; it is a sign that you’re into them.

#3. If You Sit Crossed Legged On The Floor

If your sitting position is to cross your legs on the floor,  it reveals that you are open-minded and carefree. Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed means you are very loose and easy going.

cross legged on the floor

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#4. If You Cross Your Ankles

If crossing ankles are your sitting style, then it means you are secure. As compared to crossing your legs, crossed ankles means that you are happy and content with yourself. When your feet are planted on the floor, it means you are sure of yourself.

#5. If You Cross Your Arms

If you sit with your arms crossed, it means you are angry. Unless you are cold, crossed arms send the message that you are angry and pissed off at someone. In some rare cases, your feet also tend to face away from the person you are angry with.

sitting in crossing  Arms posture

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#6. If You Keep Your Hands Still In Your Lap

Still hands show signs of rigidity. It means that you are close-minded. People who are open minded use their hands as gestures to express themselves. But if your sitting position is keeping your hands still, then it means that you are close-minded.

#7. If You Lean Backwards On Your Palms

This sitting position reveals that you are judgemental. It lets you assess a situation without taking any action. This sitting style reveals that you are waiting for things to happen to you.

What does your Sitting Style Say about your Personality?

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#8. If You Splay Your Knees Sideways

Sometimes your sitting position can be sitting with your knees sideways. This is a sign that you are flirtatious. Stacking your knees to one side and supporting yourself with one hand makes you seem flirty.

#9. If You Kneel

Kneeling with your knees together is a painful position for most people since knees tend to be tender, so it shows that you're aggressive and ready to pounce, despite tasteless jokes that suggest otherwise. One exception could be rocking back and forth from knee to knee or fidgeting, which can either display nervous tendencies or indicate temporary discomfort in response to something that has been said. Kneeling does not mean that you are giving up. It simply means that you are aggressive and ready to “attack”.

sitting Kneel

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Which one of these sitting positions and sitting styles have you seen? What is your style of sitting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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