Should Guys Really Say "Aww..."?

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Should Guys Really Say "Aww..."?

Many a time, I have noticed men brimming with happiness on special occasions as they flush with emotions and their expressions are replaced with sappy and cheesy stuff like .. "Aww.." I was just wondering if it's cool or not for men to use this remark since it somehow exudes a female connotation and gives a soft touch to their otherwise masculine built. Not that I'm generalizing, however, you might just relate this if you're a woman. 

What do you think should men really use slangs like aww? Is that a turn-off or not? Please tell me how you feel about it. 

Answers (4)
Let it be the guy's choice.
Yea, why not!? We should not categorize and generalize things.

Aww is a general expression which cannot be specified to any gender. 

It's a personal choice.

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