How to Stop being a Loser?

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How to Stop being a Loser?

We all have heard this phrase in our lives “Don’t be a loser.” Saying these words are easy but being in such situation is not. Some people use such words; some don't. However, losers exist so we have to deal with it. Feeling shame about it might not help you, but getting inspired to change might. The worse can be that you are becoming a loser even without realizing it. Nobody wants to be a loser, of course. Here's some good news, with investing a little energy and time, no one really has to be.

No matter what you are and what you do, if your life can be turned around just as easy as making an omelet, then you should probably change that attitude. Do not let the other people tell you that you are a loser. Instead, realize it and work upon it. Analyze the wrongs and try to become a happier person. Get started with the better things and realize you are too good to be a loser. You always try to find better in others, try and find them in you. You might feel alone sometimes. Many times this question tend to come, “Why me?’. However becoming a winner is not that tough, neither is developing a winning attitude. The moment you will start thinking like a winner, you will stop being a loser. Instead of hiding from the songs of being a loser, sing the songs of being a winner. The change in your attitude will change everything. 

Do not waste your energy and time in setting back. Instead, spend it on being stronger than ever. Think about your achievements and hang around with winner. There is always a battle going on in your mind. Try to avoid negativity and let the positivity take charge from there. Negative forces are always weaker and can be trounced. But before we explore that sphere, let's understand who a loser is!

Who Is A Loser?

The people who have done these following these can be considered as a loser: 

#1. Who talks down about other people’s dreams

#2. Give up on people and life

#3. Has almost no purpose in life or for even a living

#4. Get’s jealous over almost every dumb stuff

#5. Makes the other people uninspired and demotivated

#6. Does not show love to other people

The people who usually possess these qualities can be considered a loser. But the question remains unsolved, how do you do it? How to stop being a loser and become a winner? Let us find out.

#1. Believe Nothing Is Impossible

Let us face it, if you initially feel that something you are doing is impossible, you will fail right there and then. Believing that you can do everything you get is what will keep you going. There is hardly anything that cannot be done with a human’s potential. Since we, human being, is capable of doing almost everything, there should never be anything negative surrounding you. If your agenda is ‘Nothing is impossible,' there is nothing that can stop you from success. Therefore, the key to stop being a loser is to remove negativity first.

#2. Choose To Be Happy

You must choose happiness in every case in your life. Though, life is not always easy. However, you always have a choice. People will not be good sometimes, things will be out of control many times, situations will be unfair and wrong, but you can choose to be happy no matter how worse things may go. Nobody is far from sadness, but you can either choose to be the victim of the unfortunate sadness or rather learn to be happy and grow from the experience. Try and consume the learning from the bad incidents. There are always two sides, try to choose the brighter side.

#3. Change The Attitude

If you are not an optimistic, people will surely not like you. A pessimistic personality is usually called losers as they never look at the better side of the coin. Everyone likes to see the brighter side of every aspect and not the hard facts and dark side. Therefore, it is better to show your better side and keep the dark side to yourself for your own learning. Change in an optimistic attitude can do wonders in your life. People are usually afraid to say some things aloud. Just know what you know and behave accordingly. Try and portray your best side that is easily acceptable and less of a loser.

#4. Follow, Forgive And Forget

A very well known aspect, which is considered to be a characteristic of a loser, is that they cling to one incident for too long and don’t forgive very easily. Life will be so easier if you will practice the habit of forgiveness. Try and forgive easily and more often. Clinging to the things you hate, will provide you with nothing but negativity. Everyone has different directions to follow. It is better to follow yours and forget what the world is up to. If you will keep clinging to the past, something will keep hovering your mind to distract and disturb you. Forget the things which bother you and forgive the people behind it.

#5. Introspection Is Must

Have you ever been taunted by others or heard bad things about yourself? Usually, people make a conception about you and judge you on the basis of that only. Family, friends, and companions all have their own mindsets about you that you probably don’t believe in. Sometimes the views of other people bring you back on the same page where you started growing. In order to stop being a loser, it is important to see yourself from your eyes. Introspection is the way to focus on your direction completely. Do not judge yourself on the basis of other people’s opinions. The worse you can do to yourself is by keeping yourself in the position where people want you to be rather than following your own way.

#6. Empty Past Chambers

Past should be where it belongs; in the past. Do not get confused in between past and present. If you do not empty your chambers of past, you will be always be stuck in the world of a loser for a lifetime. Learn from the past and make sure you never repeat whatever you did in the past. Make yourself realize that you were not the same from the past. Try to improve yourself from the past and get over it. In order to achieve what you want, you will have to stop being a loser. And, in order to stop being a loser, you will need to terminate the past from your memory.

#7. Keep Some Secrets

Being an 'open book for everyone' is not actually a reward these days. Being a truthful person in this world is often considered to be weak and one can be easily manipulated. In fact, the more you keep secrets, the fewer people will have to talk about you. Moreover, people will be more interested to know you if you are reserved and keep secrets. In order to be secretive, you don’t need to be an introvert. You can talk to people just not about your personal life. The more people will know about you, the more they will judge you. You do not have to share everything with everyone. Deepest secrets are just for the closest friends and confidants.

#8. Stop Expecting Too Much

If you expect too much from others, you will end up getting disappointed. Do not ever expect too much from others. Just keep your good hopes high and be content with whatever you have. The only person you should be expecting from should be yourself. Expectations always hurt and let you down. In order to not depend on anyone, have faith in you, not in others. Losers tend to cling to other people in order to shift their burden. However, there is an alternative available. If you expect too much from others, they will think you are not worthy of doing things on your own.

#9. Achieve In Silence

You should not talk about your achievements and the things you are pursuing all the time. Supposedly, If you are on the way to achieve something and you talk about it too much, and if by any chance you don’t get it. People will have thousands of things to talk about. People will see you as a loser because you blabber a lot but don’t achieve anything. Therefore, it is better to achieve your goals in silence and don’t talk about them. Do not share your dream goals, until and unless you achieve them. People will just discourage and tease till the time you don’t achieve that.

#10. Never Ask “Why Me?"

Most people have the habit of asking 'why me?' The right question you should be asking is why not me? You should strive to become better than before and more successful. To remove the tag of the loser from your identity you should always pull yourself to do better. Embrace and explore your creativities and get to the business.

We hope the article was helpful. Share your experiences as well in the comment section below.

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Nobody wants to be called a loser. I believe, it is very easy for us to call someone a loser, but it affects the other person a lot. However, one shouldn’t feel or behave like a loser. Not just for the people around you, but for your own self. Luckily there is always a way out for everything. As the article discussed, by investing a little bit of energy and time you don’t have to be a loser anymore. If you feel like a loser, you need to make a change in your life right now. Before people call you a loser, you need to realize it and also remove those traits from your personality. The most important lesson that anyone could learn in order to stop being a loser is to start valuing yourself. If there is anything you could do improve yourself that is developing self love. The people who literally love and value themselves, they tend to not become losers in their life. Self worth can mostly change anything in your personality. Start with a positive life and think well about yourself. This is a very important key to change and improve you. Realizing that you have immense potentials, talents and strengths makes you even stronger. When you pay attention to yourself, you hardly pay attention to the people who are trying to put you down. Also, develop and take out time for the things you love and enjoy. Pursue your hobbies and interest. People who spent their time in doing the things that they love develop great amount of confidence and positivity. The very important step in stop being a loser is to become socially responsible. People are indeed social animals as claimed. People judge other only on the way in which they behave with others. Dumping your interest and emotions is not what you should do in order to make other people happy. Always try to keep yourself happy and also follow a decent social behavior. So that people won’t even get the opportunity to point out finger at you. Also, plan for your future in a manner that you can achieve what you want to. People always make fun of losers that they won’t be able to do anything with their future. Don’t mind them just focus on your future. Let your success give them the answer.

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