How to be Life of the Party?

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How to be Life of the Party?

Being the life of the party is all about making friends easy and helm the fun. A lot of people attend a party but are not necessarily the life of the party as they don’t enliven the atmosphere like others. If you are the life of the party, you need to have undying energy and make others feel the same fire.  

If you are standing alone in a corner you are giving others a standoffish vibe, and no one will approach you, and you will end up feeling isolated. This feeling of isolation will bug you even more with others present. When we don’t make connections with anyone, we feel vulnerable and this leads us to shut other people and act in a socially awkward manner. The trick, however, is simple that is to completely immerse yourself in what is going around and be passionate about everything. 

Tips To Be The Life Of The Party

#1. Dress Impeccably

If you don’t dress impeccably, chances are people won’t advance towards you or even notice you twice. In any party, capturing that first glance is very important as it decides whether people will be interested in talking to you for the rest of the night or not. A good dress accentuates not only the way you appear to others but the way you carry yourself. It makes all the difference in making that first impression and endearing others to you. A solid color or something that shows off your body can add to your appeal.  

#2. Show Inviting Body Language  

Having inviting body language is all about being accessible to everyone in the room. If you are standing with your arms crossed or turn away whenever your eyes meet that of someone, this will tell other people that you don’t want to interact. If you are buried in your smartphone or are on the move all the time, it will convey the message that you want to keep to yourself. On the other hand, a person who smiles and gives you the eye even when he is talking to others sure is to build a temptation in others to speak to him or just silence the room when he speaks with every attention to his speech.  

#3. Open Conversations But Don’t End Them  

If you are the life of the party, you will know that you have to spawn little conversation all over the place so that people always feel that you were always present with them. The key is to pick a subject you know they will certainly talk about and if you need to hear the answer wait and listen or excuse yourself on the pretext that you will just be back. The right moment is to exit when their drink is finished. Also, always open conversations with people who have drinks in their hands and if they don’t get them around. Opening a lot of conversation and getting in and out of them will surely make you the life of the party as you will be interacting with the highest number of people.  

#4. Ask About Others Generously  

If you are a party freak or even a regular party-goer,  you will know a lot of people and how they were in the last party or were they present there at all. This will tell them that you actually care about their presence and they mean a lot to you. Putting in advice about something that will make them better if they are not in a good place right now or giving them compliment over something new they have about them will surely make them smile whenever they remember you.  

#5. Act As The De Facto Host  

In order to get noticed, just request silence from everybody for a moment and introduce yourself to them and the things to a look forward to. This will set the tone for you to be the life of the party as you will engage and gain ground on past friendship and new ties. You can taste the food beforehand and recommend what you found out to be the best. Be jolly natured and crack jokes to entertain the guests.  

#6. Dance  

There is nothing as good as a dance which can clear the air of shyness and inhibitions. This was exactly the idea behind and rhythm in one of the popular songs 'I want to break free'. Once you get into the groove and start dancing, your contagious energy will help others get in the mood as well. People will look at you, time and again, to see if you have lost the enthusiasm for dancing or not and if you keep going, you certainly will be the one spreading cheer and joy in the party.  

#7. Play The Matchmaker

One thing which will make you excel in becoming the life of the party is matchmaking as you will encounter plenty of shy people who have trouble introducing themselves and quickly stand in a corner shying from the attention. These are the same bunch who have social anxiety and are not as friendly as you would want partygoers to be, so you need to take the initiative of getting them together by introducing them to one another.  

#8. Have A Few Drinks But Don’t Overdo It  

Having a few drinks is essential to your cause as to express yourself freely and give the real you to a lot of people will require a lot of courage. Nothing is better than alcohol to let loose and get a little bit of confidence going to calm those nerves. In order to have a frolicsome time, it is imperative that you have at least one drink that gets your wild juices flowing.  

#9. Have An Ace Up Your Sleeve

You need to have the x-factor if you are to be unanimously declared the life of the party. It can be anything from having neon masks for when it gets dark, or you turn off the light to show their impact to having an exquisite bottle of whiskey when the bartender leaves. You can even bring power foods that you munch and give your wild bunch from time to time so that they don’t dial down on the raw power which keeps the party afloat.  

#10. Don’t Go Empty Stomach  

You rarely get to be the life of a dinner party as the life of the dinner party is nothing else but dinner. However, for parties which are not dinner parties, you don’t get a full course meal but just snacks so eat nutrient-rich food one that is not too heavy and at the same time gives you the amount of power you need to last the entire night albeit with some snack support.  

#11. Introduce Games 

When you introduce games which help people personalize with all the people present in the room, it really draws them together banishing all worries about self and takes out hesitation out of the picture. Truth or dare and one thing you are ashamed of will get people talking about themselves and help them get closer to the positive end of their need for social consent and approval.  

#12. After Party Plan  

Most people come to parties to get a break from reality or get totally wasted. One thing to help them achieve this and not worry about going back home is to tell them that you have an after party place where they can chill for a while till they have released all their emotional and professional baggage and are safe to rejoin the wicked world. This will keep them in the clear of being totally reckless and with you encouraging them to go as high as they want to without the danger of consequences, they will break free and show you their wildest side which is going to feed you the same energy you have been displaying till now yourself. 

#13. Be In Charge Of Phone Deposit Box

This seems like it will drive people away from you, not towards you but that will not be the case when you tell them that when it rings and it is an emergency call, they can come and get it. Putting phones away will be hard for everyone as today they are a big part of conversations especially when the conversation is about them. You request everybody to alter the settings in such a way that only important calls make the phone ring. A party atmosphere really has to be phone free in order to be a party atmosphere these days, so you need to impart this to your party people.  

Share with us your experiences and the things you do that make you the life of the party in our comment sections below so that we can affirm there are other passionate people just like us.

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I was a socially awkward person and was a bit of a late bloomer never interacting with anyone

on my own and looking for a safe corner to shield myself from other people. This made me feel

almost non-existent at parties and I would chuckle when some sort of hysteria would roll only to

feel more despair when I couldn’t muster the courage to join it and end it on a high. My

self-esteem was at an all-time low and I started asking myself what is the point of having

relationships at all? I let my imagination trick me into believing what I was thinking was real and

had convinced me that no one wanted me or wanted to interact with me. Clearly this was more

than existential meltdown as I was thinking of harming myself after concluding I am a slave in

my own body and nothing will give me salvation. Boy now when I think of that I feel so stupid

and laugh at how ridiculous I was. The reason it happened was that I was unwilling to

compromise on absolute friendship, my idea of absolute friendship was that my friend doesn’t

taunt me or make me insecure or even make jokes at my expense what I was asking for was not

a friend but a slave. This demand stemmed from my isolation nothing else and I needed to go

overboard with it to eliminate my stupid insecurity. I did it by acting recklessly and was way out

of the line in my behavior with people who spoiled my good mood by telling them fuck off and

fuck your criticism and don’t give me bad vibes I have had enough bad vibes for a lifetime. I

drank more than I could stomach and pulled all my weight to hold the alcohol down so that my

inhibitions don’t rule me anymore and it worked I fucking listed the shortcomings and failed

attempts of other people over and over again to get all the poison out of me and made myself

immune to irrational criticism all at once. I could not change from a complete introvert to

extrovert overnight so I applied myself to different activities and was pleased to see the results

where I enjoyed and was thrilled to take part in certain activities and get inspired and amazed at

skills that other people had rather than grumbling what’s the point of that? Now I party

regularly and don’t let any bad vibes stop me from enjoying.  


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