What are the Best 'Never Have I Ever' Questions for a Party?

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What are the Best 'Never Have I Ever' Questions for a Party?

If there is anything cooler than going to a house party, it is hosting one at your place. Just keeping a few things in mind can turn you into a great party host. However, what's a house party without some games?  

The most fun of these games is the drinking game 'Never Have I Ever' without which every party is incomplete. It is a question game played in various stages of inebriation where participants are supposed to spill out their little secrets while taking a sip of their preferred alcoholic beverage.

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This highly entertaining game is one of the most sought after event of every party and is played by participants who sit in a circle. Then the questions are asked one by one, such as 'Never Have I Ever traveled out of my country.' Those who have traveled will take a sip of their drink where as those who haven’t won’t. The questions are put up by the person on whom the turn comes, and they steadily become more provocative and scandalous.

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The game is a drinking game purely because alcohol removes inhibitions and makes it easier for a person to put up and answer daring questions but younger audiences can play the game as well, sans alcohol. In the case of youngsters playing this game, the sip of alcohol is substituted by points. Though the most fun part of this game remains the questions and if you have played this game or are planning to play it soon, we have a list of questions that you can ask.

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#1. Never have I ever experimented with my orientation.

#2. Never have I ever liked a song by Jonas brother.

#3. Never have I ever crushed on a neighbor.

#4. Never have I ever blamed someone for my mistake.

#5. Never have I ever gone to work with a bad hangover.

#6. Never have I ever fallen in love with someone I met on a social media site.

#7. Never have I ever fallen for someone way elder than me.

#8. Never have I ever logged onto Facebook while drunk.

#9. Never have I ever cleaned my hand on bystander’s clothes.

#10. Never have I ever not washed my hands after using a public washroom.

#11. Never have I ever sent naked pictures.

#12. Never have I ever made out with a drunken friend.

#13. Never have I ever hit on my friend's partner.

#14. Never have I ever stolen something.

#15. Never have I ever questioned my sexuality.

#16. Never have I ever smoked marijuana.

#17. Never have I ever kissed someone without them knowing it.

#18. Never have I ever watched a C grade movie.

#19. Never have I ever crushed on a school teacher.

#20. Never have I ever been in handcuffs.

#21. Never have I ever made money through illegal ways.

#22. Never have I ever put chewing in someone’s hair.

#23. Never have I ever got a tattoo I regretted.

#24. Never have I ever tried cutting my hair.

#25. Never have I ever encountered a ghost.

#26. Never have I ever peed in the bed.

#27. Never have I ever drunk texted.

#28. Never have I ever remained friendly with someone I hated.

#29. Never have I ever tried to ruin someone's day purposely.

#30. Never have I ever bullied kid.

#31. Never have I ever sent naughty messages to the wrong person.

#32. Never have I ever cross-dressed.

#33. Never have I ever had a pregnancy/STD scare.

#34. Never have I ever lied to sleep with someone.

Do you know of any interesting questions that were asked during a game of never have I ever? Share your feedback using the comment box below.

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