How to be a Better Friend?

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How to be a Better Friend?

In our life, we lose many great friendships and most of them apparently for no good reason at all, right? Well, not really. There is at least one good reason for almost every friendship we have lost, which is that we weren’t a good friend. Don’t you think that if you had been a better friend, then most of those friends would still be in your life?

Most of our thoughts on self-improvement revolve around money, career, fitness or travel but how often do we really think about being a better person, or just a better friend? We all have friends in our lives. While some of us have many, others have only a few. But it is not the number that counts, but the strength. And though we understand the importance of friends in our life, we seldom make any attempts to be good to them or treat them right.

How are you in the friendship department? Do you think your mates consider you a good friend or are you one of those who is never able to keep a friendship for too long? If latter is the case, then the days when your friends could not wait to kick you out of their friend circle are going to be the thing of the past as today, we are going to share with you the secret to being a better friend.

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#1. Be Empathetic

In friendship, you can’t expect to take your friend for granted and not have any repercussions at all. The golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated applies to all spheres of life and the bond of friendship is no exception to that. In addition, you have to understand that there is a thin line between understanding what your friend is going through and projecting your own experiences on your friend. And that is exactly what empathy is. It is the key to cooperation, and no healthy relationship can be sustained without it. Empathy is not something that you can fake and it comes naturally. And if it does come naturally to you, then you will find the other components of your friendships falling right into their place.

#2. Be Yourself

It is important to be your true self in front of others when you want your friendship to thrive. You can be fake and enjoy being around them for a while, but as the time passes by, your true self-comes to light. If you show your true self to people, including your flaws and everything, people are drawn to your honesty, and this strengthens your friendships as well as other relationships.

We pretend to be something we are not only because of our fear that people might not like the real. This is the fear of rejection that you have to overcome in your life if you wish to develop true relationships.

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#3. Never judge

On the list of rules of friendship, the one that you will find at the top is never to judge your friend. Nobody in this world is perfect; neither is you and nor is your friend. So, this is the time that you stopped judging the people in your life, especially your friends, for the mistakes that they have made in their life and flaws that they have. Friends are to be the ones who support us in our life to grow no matter what. Holding grudges against friends is also a kind of judgment that we do not consider the person capable of growing and moving ahead in their life. This resentment can be transformed into acceptance if only we make a little adjustment in our head and cease judging our friends.

#4. Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude is another simple way for you to be a better friend. Whenever a friend goes out of his or her way for your happiness, be sure that you show how grateful you are for their efforts. Does it not make you feel amazing when you help someone, even a family member, and your efforts are immediately acknowledged? So, why not do the same for a friend? It should be your motto in life to return every favor that people in your life bestow upon you, and the least you can do is return the sentiment with a few humble words.

Also, rather than taking this show of gratefulness as an obligation, make a genuine gesture to show that how much you appreciate the efforts that your friend has made and how great it makes you feel to have him or her in your life.

#5. Never Expect Too Much

It’s not people who hurt us the most in our life. Instead, it is the expectations that we keep from them. The friendships we make in our life should not be about what or how much we can expect from our friends, instead it should be about unconditional support and love that we can provide to each other. Rather than imposing your expectations upon others, don’t you think it would be better if you channeled those inwards? All our expectations should be from ourselves as that is all we control. All we can do is play our part, control how we participate in the relationship and let others choose to be however they please.

#6. Always Keep In Touch

There comes a time in our lives when we all get busy. Whether it is because of our job, family or something else, we barely get the time to stay connected to friends who we could not live without at one point. But good friends always keep in touch. You may not have a window of time to spend quality time with them like you once used to but a good friend always makes time for his or her friend. Whether they talk once a week, twice a month or even just once every two months, they never forget to catch up on each other’s life. It’s okay if you have moved to a new place or your friend has, this is the 21st century and you need to connect with your friend is a phone.

#7. Pick Up Where You Left Off

Good friends always pick up from where they left off. There might come a break when you are unable to keep in touch with your friends because of your circumstances, but good friends always continue from the point they drifted apart. While some people perceive this period of absence or no contact as a sign of rejection, you have to keep in mind that it is only universal forces playing their part and this is out of anybody’s hands. The only thing that can end the friendship is the demand for an explanation. The true reason that your friend did not call or meet you in the past some time is that everybody is just as busy as you are, if not more. They also have a job and a family to look after. Give them the benefit of the doubt and instead of holding a grudge, welcome them back into your life with open arms.

#8. Be There When They Need You

A friend in need is a friend indeed. How many times have you heard this phrase? Hundreds or maybe thousand, right? People who are merely spending time with you just for the sake of passing or enjoying time aren’t real friends. A true friend is someone who is there too in the time of need; who does his or her best to get you out of your situation when you are stuck in a pickle! Hence, the simplest way for you to be a better friend is just being there when you are needed.

#9. Be Honest With Them

No matter what your situation is, what is the worst thing that could happen if you tell the truth to your friend? We know a good thing that could come out it. Whatever you might have done, at least your friend will appreciate you for your honesty, and this will help develop trust between the two of you. Honesty should be your first and last policy whenever you are stuck in a situation with your partner. If you have been lying to your best friend, you can start being a better friend simply by telling them the trust no matter what it is.

Do you want to share something about how to be a better friend or how to make better friends? Do share them with us through your comments below.

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