How to Make New Friends?

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How to Make New Friends?

When it comes to friendship and the kind of importance friends have in our life, we all are aware of the fact that it is absolutely impossible for all of us to get through life without their support. We all need the support and love of our friends and the fact that they tend to add so much more meaning to life cannot be ignored. What we need to focus on is the way we make friends and how we can do that effectively. We all do not really always come across the right set of people just by going about life blindly. We need to be clear about what we are looking for in a friendship and then be able to create such meaningful relationships.

Many of us do not really give a thought to the kind of friends we have and what they tend to bring to our life. Most of us have just met these people along the course of life and have become friends for the reason that we were at the same place at the same time. It is true that we become the kind of person depending on the kind of people we tend to include in our life. 

This clearly does not mean that you need to do away with people you have been friends for a long period of time just because you have different beliefs, but it means that you need to be able to let only those people impact you who are having a positive effect on you. As children, this choice may not be possible, but as we grow up, we are able to understand the difference between being with people who are a positive company and the opposite. This is possibly the reason we do not end up keeping in touch with all those people who we were friends with a long time ago and were close to as children.

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As we grow up we are more aware of what we are looking for from a friendship; we know the kind of people we are comfortable around and also the kind of relationships that add meaning to our lives and not create a negative impact. We are aware of the fact that people either make life positive or tend to make it impossible for us to keep making progress in life. This is the reason we are responsible for making the right decision when it comes to the people we are accepting as friends and the people who have an impact on us.

If you are at that crossroad of your life where you have suddenly realized the fact that you lack meaningful friendships in your life and you are not able to connect deeply with the people you call your friends, here are some of the things that you will need to do to make new friends. You need to remember the fact that no matter what your age is, where you live and what you feel your limitations are, you can always choose to make new friends and start engaging with new people.

How To Make New Friends?

#1. Get Rid Of The Mental Blocks

As we go through life, sometimes we attract some negative experiences which makes it impossible for us to keep taking positive actions in that area of our life. It is very crucial to get rid of your fears and suppressed emotional blocks which may be making it impossible for you to make new friends. This also makes it impossible for you to make new friends and find like-minded people. You have to understand the idea that you cannot be scared throughout your life because of the negative experiences of your past or because some friend was really mean to you. There are good people out in the world and you will be able to hang out with them and be really happy, only if you choose to get rid of your fears and negative emotions.

The more you are willing to meet new people and be open to making new friends; the more you will realize that it was because of you only that you were not being able to make new friends. You will see that letting people in your life is not hard. All you need to do is be open.

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#2. Let New People In

Most of us are afraid of letting new people in and of being able to get along with a new set of people. We are all afraid of being judged and hurt, but we do not realize the importance of letting new people in our lives. You need to be able to let people in. Go out and socialize with them. Only when you will give a chance to others to open up with you, will you be able to garner new bonds of friendship.

You cannot control what people choose to do, but that does not mean that you stop living your life and not engage with people. You will find great people, people who will add meaning to your life; you will not have to compel yourself to be with them. You will find people who will naturally vibe with you. People who you will connect at a deeper level, but you will need to let new people in for that. Take a step further and open your heart for new ties.

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#3. Let Go Of Friendships That Do Not Honor You

Open your eyes and closely look at the people in your life.  Examine how they choose to treat you. If they are your childhood friends and really close friends, they have become a part of your life. But, you need to see if they treat you the way you deserve to be treated, if they are not doing so then feel free to let them go out of your life. Be firm and look for deeper connections. Letting go is one of the most difficult things to do and that is why we keep putting up with people who treat us badly, people who do not let us be the best version of who we are and people who do not respect us for who we are. Letting go of long-term friends can be hard but it is an essential thing to do if they make you feel bad about who you are. This will make space for the people who will honor you and add meaning to your life. This will help you to make new friends who you can create meaningful relationships with. When you let go of the old, you let in the new.

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#4. Go Out And Socialize

Go to places where you will be able to meet people who will relate to you better. It is important to just casually go out and interact with new people not with the intention of making new friends and improving your life but just because you really wish to be active in the society and engage in doing things that you love. Eventually, in the process you will also build new friendships. If you do not socialize with new people, refrain from interacting with them, then there is very less probability that you will make new friends. Try to step out of your comfort zone and interact with as many people as you can.

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#5. Be Willing To Approach People

If you hear a person or you look at them and feel like interacting with them, then do not hesitate. Do not be afraid of the interaction. You never know the conversation may interest you both and you may strike a new friendship. People are often very afraid of being judged and being ignored, that they do not even take the initiative to interact with people. Do not wait for the other person to notice you and take the first step.

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