How to End a Friendship?

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How to End a Friendship?

Just visualize that you have had a dear friend for the better part of your life. This person has been through it all with you – the good, the bad, the repulsive, and the beautiful. You would say of this person that they have made you a superior person, challenging you to widen yourself and supporting you no matter what. Now imagine that you and that friend have grown apart; your interests and commitments have distorted. Perhaps your interest and commitments have to turn out to be not just discrete but opposed. You find yourself at a junction – do you end the friendship? Do you break up with them?

What’s the best way to end a friendship elegantly? You want to move on but you don’t want to be deliberately nasty to someone you once called a friend. And you unquestionably want to avoid the drama of tears and hurt feelings. Ending a friendship is a hard thing. In this article, you will find valuable tips on how to end friendship in a right way.

How To End Friendship?

We all know that friends are crucial to our lives as social beings, we confide in them, look to them for support when we are feeling down, and celebrate with them when we experience success. As we grow up and evolve over time, our friendships will change too, but sometimes not in a good way right? Maybe your friend has turned out to be toxic and make decisions it’s time to end the friendship. But how will you do it without any drama? Below some tips are mentioned which will help you in ending a friendship.

#1. Do You Really Want To Cut This Person Out Of Your Life?

So finally you have decided to end your friendship? Is this is your final decision? Because once you have made the decision to end your friendship, you can’t then go and start an argument. It’s a bad form and it really won’t achieve anything. However, ending a friendship can have a major impact on your life, so don’t make a hard decision when you are angry. Instead, take a quiet moment to sit down and think on it. This will give you various insights on whether or not the friendship can be saved, or if you should end things.

#2. Evaluate The Reasons For Breaking

Yes, right! Its true you can just pack up and depart without a word of goodbye, but that’s not precisely the finest way to end things with someone whom you shared some adorable moments with. Give them the reasons you are choosing to walk away.

#3. Stay Away

So, now you finally decided to end the relationship, once you decided to walk out of the friendship, the best method is to stay away from him/her. Therefore, he/she will be smart enough to comprehend the point that the time is come to break. Instead, talk with other friends. The friend in question will evaluate his wrongdoings if any is the reason for breaking.

#4. Let Your Friend Know It Is Over

Be sure to make your break up intentions clear to your friend, or they may walk away with the impression that you are still friends. After you talk about the issues that have made your friendship unravel, let them know this is the end. Say something like this “I will surely remember the great times we have had, and I wish you the best, I will always care about you as a friend but we can no longer hang out together.”

#5. Give Your Friend Time To Understand

Your friend may be having a different opinion that your long-time friendship is ending, so provide them some space and give them some time to process the whole thing. They may have questions or want clarification on what they did wrong, so be sure to be patient and understanding.

#6. Breaking Up In Person

Depending on the duration and closeness of your friendship, you may want to break up in person. This is particularly imperative if your friend has been dear to you in the past. Think of it this way, giving positive power to the end of your friendship will help you find a new one with much ease and without any lagging baggage like anger and bitterness. If you end things positively, you'll be better able to get the conclusion on the loss of your friendship.

To kick off the break up, chalk down at a suitable time for both of you and talk about the past issues which have to lead you to the existing situation. Even though you are ending your relationship, keep your conversation healthy.

What To Do After Breakup With Your Dear Friend?

All the sweet, funny messages, hanging out, insider jokes; they are all gone now and you are feeling like a deer in the headlights with not a single clue as to what to do. Right? However, breaking up with a friend can be just as sad and surprising as a romantic breakup. Here are some healthy ways to survive a breakup.

#1. Processing Emotions

Are you one of them, who hide their emotions? Who doesn't like to cry but want to? When your friendship ends you will be dealing with a lot of diverse emotions like anger, confusion, and sadness. So, take some time to process everything before trying to make any sense of the situation. Sort your emotions out by distinguishing what you feel so you can begin healing. Besides, there are many folks who tend to refute their emotions after a friend breakup, probably because now-a-days, it seems odd for someone to lament the loss of friendship. However, you can go ahead and cry and get it out so you can process it. Then only you will be able to move on.

#2. You Are Allowed To Be Sad

It's crucial to be acquainted with utter sadness that you can't force someone out of their emotions. Telling someone to "not be sad" won't magically make them happy. Have you ever told an angry person to calm down? It just makes them even fiercer. The finest way to assist someone is to understand and emphatise the way they are feeling, and then, direct them through the understanding that feelings aren't facts. When you feel brokenhearted, it's hard to distinguish between how you feel and the reality of the situation. Remind them that just because you feel unlovable doesn't mean you are really unlovable.

Allow your friend to settle in their emotions and feel through them, but also, provide an objective opinion and a little bit of truth (lovingly), so that things don't curve out of control.

#3. Love Yourself, You Deserve The Very Best

Will the real self-love please stand up? Yes, right. Love yourself first, so you know what you deserve. But now the question arises how to do that? Worry not! Do you know the secret to success, happiness, and a content life? Self-love is the secret to all this! It is the best gift you can give to yourself. People who love themselves can lead a satisfied and happy life. Have you heard of people saying- you can't love others until you love yourself? Or don't expect others to love you until you love yourself. Either way, you have to love yourself and that is the secret to an amazingly happy life!

#4. Focus On Yourself Now

Conceivably when you were best friends, it was always about self-sacrifice and conquering life as a team, but now it’s time to be a little selfish and independent. All that matters now is you and what you deserve.

#5. Get Out And Make New Friends

Sometimes the finest way to get over a friend breakup is to get out and make new friends. You can take all those enormous lessons you learned with your old friends and pertain them to your new one.

#6. Don’t Obsess Over Everything You Said and Did 

Are you also one of them? Do you also regret or over think on what you said and did? if yes, the stop from today. It’s normal to think or ponder, in order to figure out what actually went wrong. But there's a sense of balance between reflecting back on a friendship and griping over your actions. Learn from your mistakes (if indeed you made any) but then let it go. Most friendships don't last because of lack of normal living conditions.

#7. Go Ahead, Pamper

Gorge on that bucket of ice cream if it will make you feel better. But don’t keep doing it forever. You can permit to pamper yourself for a short time in order to heal your spirit.

At the end, ending a friendship in a calm way is no small task! But in the long run, you'll be happier you did it that way. Your friends are the utmost influences on your viewpoint and activities, so keep a good company. The lesson from letting go of obnoxious friendships is this: Choose prudently. Examine the character of your associates before you call them friends. So go ahead. Love yourself. Be good to yourself. Delight yourself well. Refill yourself.

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