Top 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Change Your Life

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Change Your Life

Total life change in life is like a fresh breeze on a hot day. This brings in our lives an update, rediscovers the beauty and uniqueness of life, fresh sensations.

But are we ready to change?

Do you have a desire to change anything in life, but it doesn’t work out?

In the article, you will find the main reasons that prevent you from changing your life.

1. Abstract goals

“I want to become handsome”, “I want to be smart”, “I want to become successful”, “I want to become healthy”, – all this is good, but somehow too abstract. Blurred targets, blurred actions, and even more blurry result. Clearly define for yourself how much you want to become better. How much mind do you need? To play smart games or to be able to talk about how you spent the summer together? Success must also be measured in numbers, in years! And what is about your health? Do you want to run a marathon or to be able to climb to the 5th floor on foot without being out of breath? So, set specific goals! You must change your life!

2. Not enough willpower

Many live with the illusion that they control everything – themselves, their thoughts, their desires, their lives, etc. And they can do it not one day or a week, but months and even years. No. If this were so, then you wouldn’t have expected the “right time”, you wouldn’t have done it, but you would have started doing something for very long ago. And, as you know, nothing happens by itself and without any effort. Willpower is needed. We need actions!

3. Surrounding people pull down

It is a very popular “secret” of successful people – if you want to reach the heights, surround yourself with purposeful, positive, bright, interesting and successful people that can be an example, support and motivate you to new achievements. How to change your life around? Start changing your social circle.

4. Laziness is justified by the lack of motivation

A person tries to seek outward motivation when it is difficult for him or her to be responsible for own actions. It’s like in childhood – you need to learn the lessons, otherwise parents will scold. But in each of us, there are huge resources that can motivate us to achieve everything that we need, everything that we dare to dream about. Look inside yourself, you will find inexhaustible forces there.

5. Habit to be a student

There is a whole category of people who are constantly learning something. They always don’t have enough knowledge, skills, competence, and diplomas to start doing right things. But a theory that is not backed by practice is about nothing. And those, who recognize themselves in these lines, will agree, probably, that they will never finish the “necessary” level. It is important that the minimum baggage of knowledge is immediately put into action. It’s important to act!

6. Lack of a clear plan

We all want one thing – to be happy. So, first of all, answer the question “What does happiness mean to me?” Then draw up a clear plan for achieving it and start making small steps in its direction. You also need to plan your personal life – why not looking for some beauties at this Ukrainian dating site?

7. It is soooo difficult to change life

That’s for sure. Therefore, you can’t do anything with it. But you can start with small steps. Just start learning to enjoy everyday things, small successes, things that are slightly better today than they were yesterday. This is happiness! Start appreciating what you already have today. Begin to change yourself, rationally make plans and methodically achieve your intermediate goals. After all, happiness and joy are not in the fact of getting on Olympus but in the process of its conquest. This is our life – the process. And this is entirely your choice whether to get pleasure from this process or to be unhappy.

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You Can’t Change Your Life Until You Change Yourself


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