What to do If you have No Friends?

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What to do If you have No Friends?

Having no friends can make life excruciatingly difficult. They not only make our lives fun and exciting but are also there to support us in the moments of need. Only the people who don’t have friends can understand the painful feeling of not having anybody to rely upon when there is a need.

If you have no friends or no close friends, then the first thing that you need to do is ponder the question why you have no friends. Here are some reasons why you do not have any friends.

#1. You Are An Introvert

Some people would rather spend their Saturday evenings reading a novel alone instead of bar hopping with others, and then they end up without friends. Your nature could be a reason you don’t have many close friends.

#2. You Lack Social Skills

Making friends is a social art, and not everyone is an artist. While some people tend to make new friends and acquaintances in a heartbeat, others fail to develop relations even after several opportunities.

#3. You Try Too Hard

Yes, trying too hard to make friends may be one of the reasons that you drive people away. Perhaps the people you are trying to spend time with finding you too clingy or needy.

#4. You Demand A Lot

Though friends are meant to be there in the time of need, anybody would get tired of you if you keep bothering them for you silly whims.

#5. You Are A Negative Person

No one likes to be around a negative person. If you happen to complain a lot or be bothered by tiny negative things in your life, you are pushing people away. Stop whining and try to focus on the positive in life, or at least keep your complaints to yourself.

#6. You Argue A Lot

Are you always right and don’t back off from proving it time and again? You are probably annoying people around you with your ‘know-it-all’ attitude.

#7. You Are Jealous and Insecure

No matter how hard you try, it shows when you are jealous and it drives people away. If your friends meet new people, it doesn’t mean that they are replacing you; stop being jealous and understand that you don’t own them.

The points mentioned above are not purposed to make you feel worse, instead, help you understand where you are going wrong. The way to making friends starts with understanding why you don’t have any in the first place. Only then you can right the wrongs and move towards and healthier and happier life.

Now, this is how you cope with not having any friends.

#1. Deal With Your Loneliness

If you are lonely without friends, then start by dealing with the feeling. How you can go about it is by being compassionate towards yourself and processing your feelings. At this point, you can focus your energy on the long-term goals or spend time indulging in your favorite activities like meditating and more. Starting a blog and taking an online class are other great options for you. Just do things that make you happy.

#2. Stay Positive

If you do not have friends at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to live, and you will never have friends. You need to focus on staying positive and appreciating the good things that you have in your life. Pamper yourself, practice positive self-talk and make an attempt to develop a positive outlook towards life.

#3. Get Support

If you have no friends and feel lonely all the time, this is the most crucial thing for you to do. Do not let the feeling to keep eating you up from the inside. Get in touch with a family member or someone else who can help you and share your problem with them.

#4. Find Friends

The next thing you need to do is try to make friends. Never give up on making friends as you never know when you will find the person who is going to support you for the rest of your life. Keep honing your social skills and improving yourself.

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