What to do when Someone Insults you?

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What to do when Someone Insults you?

All of us get insulted from time to time and get affected by it when the insults are from our loved ones making us feel unloved. Emotional conditioning is required to maintain a healthy relationship with our loved ones, and an attitude needs to be instilled that respects the culture of love and appreciation where the person knows what the other person will take personally and what will be taken in a light-hearted way.  

People generally exhibit two very different approaches whenever someone says something to them. They may either get offended by the words as they are sensitive to them or they may laugh it off and not mind the truth too much. Our generation has seen no great war and no great depression, so whenever we get upset, it is because we are at a spiritual war with ourselves and it really does not make sense to be at a spiritual war with yourself because you are doing all you can to be the best at what you do. Sometimes we get jealous of other people when they beat us at something we are good at and see ourselves as worthless in light of the current events when all we should do is be inspired and applaud the person for putting in a performance that shook us and giving them a better fight next time.  

Here’s What You Should Do When Someone Insults You

#1. Know The Instigator  

You need to size the person up who is insulting you and teasing you about things and then understand what their motivation is behind all the words they are throwing towards you. Sometimes your presence alone can set other people off as when they compare themselves with you they feel a little insecure and doubt whether they deserve the things which they have if you have fewer things than them. Often there is an underlying emotion at play which makes people insult you. It could be the colleague who treats you in hostile fashion because your boss praises you more than them or it could be that you have a condition that restricts you and prevents you from participating in a fest that all your family manners can have without thinking twice about. All instigators say mean things only because they don’t want to have second thoughts about what they are doing.  

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#2. Admit To Yourself If It Is True  

You should not get into a row with yourself every time you hear things which are true about you have spoken in a belittling or patronizing tone as it is usually said by the people who have watched you grow up and cannot separate the person you are now from the person who you were before.Once you admit that it is just a quirk or a habit that you like about yourself and it constitutes you, then you will stop feeling the impulse that would ask you to change it. When we don’t confront something which is true about us as we feel that accept it will diminish us or make us less powerful we give in to the myths and disbelief about us which cultivate shame and embarrassment whenever we come across the reality of our situation.  

#3. Minimize or Avoid Interaction

You have tried blocking the person out of your mind, but you could not achieve any success with it as you interact with them a lot to stop having thoughts about what they say and the negativity that you fill yourself with when you reflect over these. One way of minimizing the interaction is that you give this person the cold shoulder whenever they come near you or are looking to start a conversation. You can delete your social media account for a while and report the phone number if you are receiving threatening calls and messages as the person is just not willing to leave you alone.  

#4. Don’t Feel Insulted By Social Media Trolls  

We live in the times where all that we do and say is visible to more than one person and although it is still up to us to make things visible candid moments we share with friends and family can be uploaded by them and when viewed by other people may spike a comment that is caustic and insulting. When you have just had your heart broken shutting down and isolating yourself from the world seems like the only response that can help you with your heartache. So when you are all by yourself, there will come a time in which you will get sick and fed up with your own thoughts and take to social media to maybe vent your frustration or interact with someone new but it always does not end well. You may come across something and upon reading or seeing it feel that people must be crazy to believe such a thing and you oppose it. Your opposition is not well received and people get angry about you expressing something that they have blindly put their faith in. It won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen next as you will be abused and people who don’t have anything better to do will go through your personal history or anything they can find on you to shame you or criticize you on social media so what you need to do is keep a level head and not feel like they know you and their attack on you is genuine. They are trolling only because there is nothing better for them to do in cyberspace.  

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#5. Speak To Someone About It  

Speaking to other people is always a good idea whenever you feel that your self-doubt is rising and is going to occupy your head and then work its way down to your heart to make you bitter and sad. People spout abuses and other mean things about other people as no filter in their head asks them to pay heed to propriety and consider how the other person will feel when spoken to like that. You may also be surprised to learn from your friend or family member whether it is harassment or not as there are cases in which people who take social media posts and comments to the heart drive themselves insane whenever another person voices his/her opinion that is not similar to theirs. They may reach your doorstep or start following you tracking your movements making this obsession to hurt you an achievement in their head.  

#6. Be Resilient  

If you tell yourself over and over again you are not affected by what the other person thinks of you then you are building the kind of self-esteem that can even keep panic away in times of crisis. Only people who are resilient are the ones who have a character that can accommodate integrity and not waver when a lot of people try to bite them with words. A tolerance level for things that are only in the head of other people and do not define you make way for a strong personality that even people who insult for a living find hard to attack.  

#7. Do Things Which Make You Feel Good  

You need to do things which make you feel good and do them a lot so that you keep your mind off things which are not positive. A lot of people lose all touch with positivity when they don’t get what they want and start behaving irrationally. The world is full of misfits and people who make plans before taking facts and figures into consideration, and they get easily disappointed when what they have imagined cannot be implemented as their imagination is not consistent with the truth about the world. It is very important that you do things which make you feel good to block negative thoughts and remind yourself that you are always in charge of your actions no matter what people say.  

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#8. Talk Back  

You have tried everything, but you cannot stop them from getting on your nerves so there is only one thing left for you to do and that is you must retaliate. Rip into them and make them feel bad about what they do and the people they associate with. Use examples of people who could not achieve success in their life and then draw parallels between them and the person who has been insulting you and mistreating you. This will make them think about their own self and teach them to watch their mouth around you. It is possible that when you talk back, they may try to hit you just to stop you from talking, at this make sure you get professional help so that they are punished for their wrong actions.  

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Talk Back

There is one time when I was "INSULTED" and spoke back. A lady who lives a long way away from my house was chattering in the street and something came up about my having four tiny dogs. She gave me a filthy look and said    "WHY have you got  FOUR dogs" as though it was a crime. I said "well it is more fun than having three" smiled and walked away.

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