How to Show Someone you Care?

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How to Show Someone you Care?

When it comes to maintaining and developing relationships, nothing works like showing that you care. Does it not feel good when someone shows that they care about you? Then imagine how good and close to you people will feel when you do not just tell them, but actually show that you care about them? Ecstatic, right?

However, showing that you care about someone is easier said than done. Apart from time, it can also take compromises on your part. But you won’t think about it if you, in fact, do care about someone.

How To Show Someone You Care?

#1. Pay Attention

They say that the simplest things in the world are often the hardest and that stands true when it comes to paying attention. We have become so self-obsessed and self-centered that we rarely stop thinking about ourselves and pay attention to what other people are trying to say to us or do. When you need to show that you love someone or care about them, you need to pay attention to them even if it is someone insignificant or even silly that they are talking about. If they tell you their likes and dislikes, remember them. Nothing says you care louder than paying attention to even the tiniest details.

#2. Give Tokens Of Affection

Showing someone you care is not a one-time thing but a continuous process. You can’t just show someone that you care once and then forget about it. You have to repeat this over and over again so that the people in your life know that you care about them just the way you did a while ago. Therefore, you need to give them tokens of affection. Also, giving presents like flowers and candy is viewed as something that guys are supposed to do in a relationship but it is something that is fluid and essentially both parties must do.

#3. Include Them In Your Plans

Including someone in your plans does not mean that you should incorporate them into your every single plan and do everything together. Not only that would be humanly impossible, but it might also become irritating and annoying after a certain point in time. What we mean here is that whenever you get the opportunity to plan something with the people in your life, do not think twice. For instance, if you are planning to go on a holiday to the mountains, tell your friends that they have to come with you as it would not be the same without them, and other things of the sort.

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#4. Respect Them

Just like you have your needs, other people have theirs and when you care about someone, you respect them. And how you show them respect is by acknowledging their beliefs, thoughts, and needs. This also includes their need for space. Showing someone you care does not mean that you smother the people in your life with your presence all the time. All of us need some time to be alone. Space is a key component in every relationship, be it friendship or when you are involved with someone. 

#5. Show The Will To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone For Them

Showing care for someone does not mean spending time with them. Remember how they say that a relationship is not just about having fun together, it is about sacrifices, compromises and more? That not only stands true when you are romantically involved with someone but also in almost every sort of relationship. Every now and then, the people we love need something from us that might not be too easy for us to do. But we do it if we really care about them. And this is how we show that we care. If you ever get asked to do something for a loved one, never hesitate, even if you have to step out of your comfort zone.

#6. Be There When They Need You

Most people in our lives are only there to have a good time. If they find more fun somewhere else or see us in trouble, they will move on like they do not even know us. But when someone truly cares about you, they tend to be around in your good times and the bad. So, that is what you should do. If there is a relative, friend or anyone else in your life who you care about, who needs your help with something, help them to the best of your abilities. If this is getting you in trouble, then you can think of it this way that one favor you do for them might be reverted back to you with an even bigger one.

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#7. Make Time For Them

Time is the most precious gift we can give someone as the time we lose can never be regained. When you make sacrifices just to spend time with someone, it shows sincerity as well as your care for them. You might have a hectic schedule and might be finding it extremely difficult to find time for yourself. But if you really do care about your friends, you will make time from your busy life for them no matter however difficult it might be for you. They could be going through tough times in their life and your presence could simply make a huge difference. Then you do not even have to say that you care about them, you making time for them is good enough.

#8. Celebrate Their Accomplishments

When you care about someone, you find happiness in their achievements and accomplishments. There is no room for jealousy in any healthy relationship. If your friend, partner or somebody else that you care about has achieved something that they have been striving for a long time like getting a new job or graduating with flying colors, then tell them how happy and proud this makes you feel. You should also do something that goes beyond just uttering the words congratulating them.

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If you are having a difficult time in dealing with your jealousy towards someone, then here is something that might be able to help: How To Stop Being Jealous Of Someone?

#9. Trust Them With Your Thoughts And Secrets

Another simple way of showing someone that you care about them is by entrusting them with your secrets. Think about it, do you share your thoughts, beliefs or your deepest darkest secrets with someone who does not even matter to you? No, right? So simply sharing something that you do not share with most people can be enough to convey that you care about a certain person. This is also a great way to building trust with someone who you love and care about.

#10. Be Supportive Of Them

All of us go through tough times in our life when we need the support of others to move ahead. That is when we realize who actually cares about us and who was only with us because they found it to be fun. Therefore, you can show someone that you care by being supportive of them. It does not matter if you really agree with what they have made up their mind doing. It is their life and they have the right to know whether what they have chosen to do is right for them or not. When you really do care about someone, you support them no matter what.

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#11. Ask Them If They Need Your Help

People do not have to be in tough times to need your help. They might be going through something trivial like having a little more than usual on their plate. They might not exactly need your help during this time but this can be an opportunity for you to show someone that you care. Simply, offer to help; tell them that you can help them with the thing if they need you to. They might say 'no' but they will understand that you care about them and they can rely on you if something big happens in their life.

#12. Always Keep In Touch

When you care about someone, you keep in touch with them no matter how demanding of a task it might be. Sometimes, a simple ‘Hi, where have you been?’ over the text or on Facebook is enough. However, that can fail to work when you are trying to show someone that you care about them. Therefore, what you should do to keep in touch with them is call them every now and then to catch up on things.

 #13. Tell Them That You Care

What could be an easier way to convey that you care about someone than telling it to their face that you do? Sometimes, there might not be something for you to do. During those times, you can simply tell a person that you care about them and they will understand that they have someone they can depend on in their life.

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Tell us how you show someone that you care through your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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