How to Hide your Pain from Others?

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How to Hide your Pain from Others?

Though most experts say that it is necessary to express your emotions, it is not always an option or the right thing to do. Not everyone in this world respects the emotions of others and some tend to mock, ridicule and take advantage of other people’s feelings. Also, there is no room for emotions in a professional setting; it is better to keep a wrap on whatever it is that you may be feeling.

Now while happiness, sadness or anger may be a tad bit easier to deal with or conceal, the same cannot be said about pain. When we are hurting emotionally, we tend to forget about everything around us and prioritize finding the cure for the pain. And in this process, we end up doing things that we shouldn’t and one of which is letting people, who we shouldn’t, know of our pain.

More times than not, this backfires, and we end up regretting every single decision that we made. We believe that you have landed on this page today because you have decided to stop letting everyone know that you are hurting. So without wasting even a minute more of your time, let us get straight to how you can hide your pain from others.

#1. Take A Deep Breath

If you ever feel like getting overwhelmed due to a moment or event, then stop yourself from doing everything and take deep breaths to calm your mind. You cannot prevent yourself from feeling hurt, but at least this will help you from showing everyone else that you are. If you can be alone, then close your eyes and try to focus your attention on the natural rhythm of your breathing.

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#2. Avoid The Fake Smile

A smile can be a great asset, but that is not always the case. A smile with a bubbly look can draw affection and hearts for you but do you really want to smile when you are trying to get through a serious meeting? Also, you may think that a fake smile can be a useful tool for keeping your pain hidden but it can be immensely easy to spot. So being positive is not always the case. Adjust your emotions as per the situation and move on from there accordingly.

#3. Pay Attention To Your Body Language

There are times when we are saying we are okay, but our body language is screaming that we are trying to hide the pain. Appearing physically withdrawn can indicate to others that you are going through something. So to hide your pain from others, you need to maintain a relaxed body language that you have in normal circumstances. Also, your eyes can reveal the secret you are trying to hide so make sure they are not telling a tale of their own by maintaining an eye contact with people when you are interacting with them.

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#4. Keep Up With Your Daily Tasks

When you are hurting, all you want to do is lock the door and spend the rest of your life in cuddled up in the bed. But this can indicate to the people in your life that you are going through something. In addition to that, you do not want to let other aspects of your life like relationships and career suffer just because something has hurt you emotionally. Therefore, try your best to keep up with the appearances. Be regular on work and if there are some other commitments that you have made, be sure to complete those on time.

#5. Lie If Necessary

It is easy to get caught up in sticky situations when you are trying to hide something. When you found yourself in one, then ponder what is worse, lying to the person in front of you or letting them know what you are going through. The answer to this question will tell you the right path. You may not be a liar generally, but it is okay to lie sometimes since truth is not always the right path to choose.

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#6. Avoid Drugs And Alcohol

You may think that alcohol and drugs can help you forget about your pain for a while, but it is not a good idea, especially when you are trying to hide emotional pain. Booze and drugs can make you lose control of your senses, and the efforts you have put into keeping your emotions to yourself in the recent past can all be washed away in just one moment. A temporary comfort you find in boozing can lead to a long misery if you are not careful enough.

#7. Find An Outlet For Your Emotions

Though you may able to hide your pain from others at a few instances, it may not be possible every single time. Therefore, we understand that you are trying to hide your pain, but you need to acknowledge the fact that you require a healthy outlet for your pain. Writing what you are going through in a journal or sharing it with a person who you trust to understand and respect your feelings is an effective way of dealing with pain. Moreover, self-affirmations that you can handle any situation in life can also help you get through this difficult time in your life

#8. Identify And Avoid Things That Trigger Pain

In order to hide your emotional pain from others, you also need to identify the things or events that might be triggering your pain. For instance, if you are going through a rough breakup, then coming across your ex’s posts on social media may trigger your pain. Therefore, you need to avoid these triggers by staying away from any social media site where you may find things that might remind you of your ex. Think about what was the most hurtful moment of the day was for you and what was it that elevated the pain? Once you figure this out, then you can embark on your mission to avoiding the triggers of emotional pain.

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Before we go, the last thing that we would like to say is that in case your pain and grief is becoming too severe for you to handle, then do not hesitate from seeking the help of others. Sometimes, just confining our feelings and emotions in someone are enough for us to feel better and move on from the incident. However, if even after sharing your feelings with a trusted individual and trying other methods of dealing with pain is not letting you get rid of the pain, then perhaps you should see a professional therapist before your pain leads to any chronic mental disorder.

If you have been having suicidal thoughts, then do not waste any more time in trying to deal with the problem yourself and let someone like a psychiatrist deal with it. You do not want this temporary suffering to leave a lifelong impact.

So this is how you hide your pain from others. We hope that you will find this useful. Use the comment box below to let us know what tricks do you use to keep your emotional pain. We would love to know your thoughts.

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