Think You Do More Chores Than Your Spouse? Join the Club, Survey Says

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Think You Do More Chores Than Your Spouse? Join the Club, Survey Says

If we really did as much around the house as we think we do, we'd all have squeaky-clean homes, well-stocked pantries and perfectly-coordinated schedules.

As it turns out, both husbands and wives claim they contribute more to household chores than they get credit for, according to a survey conducted by Cozi, a family organizer website.

Cozi polled more than 700 men and women with kids who were either married or in a committed relationship, asking them how much they contribute to household chores and what they think their spouse contributes. Fourteen specific chores were listed, including grocery shopping, scheduling/planning, cleaning the house, household finances, carpooling to kids' activities, cooking and back-to-school shopping.

The results turned out to be a classic "he said/she said," with both moms and dads claiming they do more of the workload than their spouses give them credit for. Moms say they do more than 60 percent of the work for 11 out of 14 chores and believe they do more than 75 percent of the work on five of those chores.

Dads report a 50/50 split when it comes to most chores, and claim they do more than 75 percent of the work for just one chore: home repair and maintenance. Overall, there isn't a single chore where dads gave moms credit for doing more than 60 percent of the work.

Cozi CEO Robbie Cape tells ParentDish what struck him, as a dad, was the fact that he isn't alone in feeling he does more of the household chores than his wife gives him credit for.

"I always thought it was just my problem and my wife's problem, so it was really interesting to see that it is indeed a family problem that actually manifests itself in the data," Cape says.

Although the survey clearly showed there is a disparity in perception, the findings demonstrate that both men and women are happy with the percentage of chores they take on and are not looking to change the distribution.

According to the survey, the chore with the biggest gender gap in perception was the scheduling of events and appointments, where moms say they handle more than 90 percent of the task and dads claim they do nearly half the work.

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