Top ten effective activities to encourage speech and language development.

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Top ten effective activities to encourage speech and language development.

The first few years are very crucial in children’s life. Their brain develops rapidly in these years and this is the time which actually lay the foundation for learning and communication skills. These skills teach the ability to understand other people ( receptive language) and also teach how to express them self to others ( expressive language). According to Asha (American Speech-language association), the development of speech and language skills begins in infancy even before the emergence of the very first word of the baby.

Every child is different in their own way. It is the responsibility of the parents and the educators to help their kids learn new skills through some activities. There are many different kinds of activities that parents can adopt to encourage speech and language development in their kids. Below are few therapy activities for speech which increase your kid exposure to new experiences. 

The Best ten activities for speech and language development

1. Use gestures

Try to use gestures like goodbye, hello, come here and also try to tell meaning those gestures. When parents begin to gesture around their toddlers their children try to pick those gestures. And try to do themselves.

2. Use easy or simple vocabulary

Parents while describing everyday activities to their toddlers use easy vocabulary. Also, use constant-vowel or vowel-like sounds like “ma”,”da”,”pa”. 

3. Imitate facial expressions

After birth babies have the ability to imitate the emotions like sadness, anger, happiness. Researchers believe that imitation is one of the powerful ways through which infants and toddlers can learn easily. Children’s usually imitate action like animal sounds, hand clapping, throwing kisses and also playing finger games like peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake. 

4. Group speech therapy activities

Speech groups where all the kids are engaged in doing their own different activity. There are different types of group activities like Station approach, lesson and practice approach, the Ungroup approach, One activity multiple skill approach. 

5. Introduce shape and colours

Introduce the world of colours to your kid by him giving paints or sketch pens. Try to teach your baby different colours and shapes by giving him orange and teaching him circle shape.Try to use teach them naturally through fruits shapes and colours. 

6. Play with your kid

Speech therapist suggests playing using your child is proved to be the best way to improve communication. While playing your baby share his likes and dislikes with you. Even if you have something else to do then just present in the background to make him feel your presence. Play catch-catch with your toddler and by throwing ball try to follow directions. 

7. Read to our child

Reading a book to your kid achieves not only help in articulation but also helps in building fluency. Try to use interactive books or adaptive books that need participation from both reader and listener. These books help in building their grammar(verbs, nouns, prepositions), new vocabulary and sentence formation. Also, you can name the objects in the book and later point out those objects. 

8. Teach them welcome, please and thank you

By teaching the word “please” or “welcome” kids learn to be polite with other people. It helps in your children grooming and they help in engaging in social activities.

9. Rhyming and Singing

Try to sing nursery rhymes and kids song to your baby. Speech therapist believes that rhyming is also a building block skill in phonological awareness(words, rimes, syllables). Through signing, kids improve articulation skills and rhyme also help in toddlers pronunciation. 

10. Teach them to ask questions and things

Ask them a question about body parts. Ask them about nose, forehead, chin etc. Also, ask them if they want banana or apple. Try to put their toys away from their reach and when need those toys teach them how to ask for those toys. 

Encourage your child to do all these activities because repetition is very important in speech and language development. Try to praise your kid after performing activities this will build their confidence and skill. 

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