What is the Difference Between Personal Responsibility & Social Responsibility?

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What is the Difference Between Personal Responsibility & Social Responsibility?

Responsibilities- whether you like them or not, every human has a lot of them. The freedom to act independently and take important decisions related to yourself is indeed a great feat. It often becomes the reason for personal disappointment, whenever we fail to accomplish them. Whether good or bad, each will be assigned certain responsibilities during their lifetime; it is expected to fulfill them in their own ways. It's a harsh part of life without which people won't learn anything. So, it is better to step forward and accept them rather than finding a way to escape.

The responsibilities are divided into two categories: Personal and Social responsibility.  

What Is Social And Personal Responsibility?

Different dictionaries define the terms differently. Webster dictionary defines social responsibilities as the obligations to fulfill the duties assigned, in a way, that would benefit the society as a whole, rather than as individuals. Whereas, personal responsibilities are the duties assigned to ensure an overall image of the individual concerning his/her moral code as perceived by the society. But, the explanation of personal responsibility can vary from people to people, depending entirely on their individual thought process.  

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List Of Social Responsibility

The ethical framework that puts every individual and organization under obligation to act for the benefit of the society varies depending on the age and business. As a student, their social responsibility is to act in such a way that it minimizes the adverse effects of their action on those immediately surrounding them. Whereas, the corporate social responsibilities requires a commitment from the corporates towards the local community, the country's economy, and the quality of life of the workforce. The social responsibility of scientists and engineers binds and holds them responsible for the positive and negative consequences of their work. Also, the combined social responsibility of these individuals is the choice and conduct of their work.  

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Different Forms Of Responsibility

The term "responsibilities" is quite deep, and you'll get more and more forms of it if you keep digging. In a straight-forward tone, there are many responsibilities depending on the situation you’re considering, but in general, there are four primary Responsibilities:  

#1. Legal

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#2. Moral

#3. Social

#4. Personal

Social Responsibility vs. Personal Responsibility

#1. Priorities

Social responsibilities are concerned with the welfare of each individual who is a part of the society. Whereas, personal responsibilities are limited only to an individual and his surroundings.

#2. Nature Of Responsibilities

The social responsibilities depend upon an individual's profession, age, and their willingness to get involved. Whereas, personal responsibilities are something that will always be there, assigned to every individual at a particular point. There can be many personal responsibilities which appear one by one in each stage of life.

#3. Profits vs Welfare

When it comes to profits, the social responsibilities persuade us to think from a larger perspective and for a more practical benefit. However, when it's about personal responsibilities, the focus is more towards achieving the personal benefits and ensuring the welfare of people.

#4. Interests

People focused towards social responsibilities are more interested in society as a whole, and their welfare. But, personal responsibilities restrict the interest of the individual's only to himself and his family members.

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to personal and social responsibilities, but the meaning and forms depend entirely on an individual's perspective towards these responsibilities. As of now, this is all we could talk about, and needless to say, there’s a lot more to be discussed. If you feel the same way, use the opportunity and let us know your opinions on it.

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