Differences in BSF and Indian Army

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Differences in BSF and Indian Army

As India shares its terrain borders with several countries, such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan, therefore it needs utmost vigilance on the borders.

The country has to deal with illegal migration, smuggling, and infiltration of anti-national elements. Therefore, the Indian constitution has adopted special security arrangement for the country's safeguard by setting up several intelligence agencies, security agencies and Indian Armed Forces who are responsible for the nation’s safety.

The BSF and Indian Army work in a synchronized way to ensure security in the land-based border of India. Though both the organizations almost perform similar tasks, there are lots of differences between them.

Differences between BSF and Indian Army

• BSF is under the Ministry of Home Affairs, while the Indian Army is under the Minister of Defense of the Government of India.

• BSF is headed by the officers of the Indian Police Service, while President is the supreme commander of the Indian Army.

• BSF came into existence on 01 December 1965, following the Indo-Pakistani war. Indian Army has emerged from British Indian Army post independence.

• Indian Army has more power, weapons and arms compared to the BSF. Therefore, when BSF exhausts all its resources to bring a chaos under control then they seek Indian Army's help.

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When we talk about the differences between BSF and Indian Army, it is important to know that both the organizations work towards defending and protecting the country.
Difference Between BSF And Army
The Army comes under the defense ministry of the country. They are usually called in cases of offence, during war or in case of national disaster. They usually don’t tolerate first line of fire and majority of the time they remain at peace. One can call the Indian Army as a pampered child of central govt. On the other hand, BSF aka border security force are the first line of defence and comes under the direct control of the home ministry. They are the ones guarding the LOC and are always at war. There is no peacetime for them, like the army. They are expected to start and end their job and their breath at the border.
When talking about the differences between BSF and Army, it is important we know that the Border Security Force (BSF) is the primary Border guarding force of India and makes up as the 1st line of India’s defense. In comparison to the army, the BSF has much more role during peacetime. Few of these responsibilities play an important role in making difference between BSF and Army.
1.    To promote sense of security among people residing in the border areas.
2.    To prevent trans-border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India.
3.    To prevent smuggling or any other illegal activities on the Border.
4.    Anti-infiltration duties
5.    To collect trans-border intelligence.
The Indian army took charges during war where they joined shoulder to shoulder with BSF and fought with the enemies.

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