'China has altered landscape in South China Sea'

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'China has altered landscape in South China Sea'

A top American Admiral has claimed that political and physical landscape in the South China Sea has been fundamentally altered by large-scale land reclamation and militarization. The nation responsible for this act is none other than China which is trying to assert its leadership in the Asia, every other day.

This, China does in a way to counter the unity of all other Asian countries including India and wants to send a message to the United States of America also that it is the leader and can only offer some resistance to advances of United States in this region.

Its military modernization is a concern for India also since China is trying to encircle India from all sides. In the North, China has united up with Pakistan and is playing the same game in South China region also by wooing other nations.

The extent of the reach of China in the South China Sea can be understood from the fact that it has done multi-faced construction in South China region including construction of 72 fighter aircraft hangers. It is also building up military bases in the region and encroaching upon the territory of other countries in this region. This is a cause of concern which needs to be addressed.

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