What will happen if India and China go to War?

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What will happen if India and China go to War?

Things are not looking good for both the nations as China is unhappy about India's decision to build a road in Ladakh while the Indian navy is silently tightening its influence on the Indian Ocean Region.

The economy and the relationship between the two nations will suffer if this looming war turns into a reality. Moreover, there are chances that this could trigger an impending World War. 

So, what do you think is going to happen if India and China actually go to war with each other. Share your opinions in the comment box below and tell us what you think will happen. 

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A war should be avoided at all costs. Lives will be lost, money will be spent in huge amounts and no one would gain anything. it is best that the countries resolve their issues without going to war.

What exactly will happen is unimaginable, but the repercussion is sure to be hugely harmful to the world at large.

To understand the magnanimity of this question, we need to address the military might of two neighbors. Also, one must not forget that both the nations are well equipped with nuclear weapons. However, it is highly unlikely that a war will break out, as the UN will surely intervene in times of uncertainty.

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