What is the Monster Black Hole?

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What is the Monster Black Hole?

With Monster Black Hole dominating every news channel, a lot has been said about the concept. But do you know what the monster black hole signifies?

According to reports, it denotes the rogue black hole that is fleeing its host galaxy at a high speed. So how would that affect us? Does anyone know how to simplify the term so it becomes more clear as to what the concept actually talks about? 

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Blck holes let the light pass through them and hence it is said that black holes are often bright. It is so because they are surrounded by accretion disks, which are made up of gas and dust. 

Astronomers have discovered the largest and most luminous black hole ever seen — an ancient monster with a mass about 12 billion times that of the sun — that dates back to when the universe was less than 1 billion years old.

It remains a mystery how black holes could have grown so huge in such a relatively brief time after the dawn of the universe, researchers say.

Supermassive black holes are thought to lurk in the hearts of most, if not all, large galaxies. The largest black holes found so far in the nearby universe have masses more than 10 billion times that of the sun. In comparison, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way is thought to have a mass only 4 million to 5 million times that of the sun. [The Strangest Black Holes in the Universe]

A black hole is technically known as SDSS. They are trillion times brighter than the sun and almost 10 million larger than it. The concept of Monster hole depends upon their size. There are several holes in the galaxy which are not insanely massive and huge. but few are tremendously big, that can be considered as a Monster Black Hole. Black holes are eventually present in every galaxy though. But if we talk about giant holes, they are few. 

I believe that the concept of Monster Black Holes has to do with their size. As you may already know, even small black holes have tremendous weight and massive gravitational pull. Therefore, a giant black hole has a gravitational pull beyond comparison and has the power to impact even the distant celestial objects. A giant black hole is known to have been present at the center of every galaxy in the universe, including our own.  

At the center of the Milky Way Galaxy resides the Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH) known as Sagittarius A*. This tremendous black hole measures an estimated 44 million km in diameter and has the mass of over 4 million Suns. 

Black holes are a really scary concept for me. just thinking about them creeps me out. Nobody knows what's at the end of it, and that's what makes them so scary.

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