What does NASA stand for?

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What does NASA stand for?

How much do you know about NASA? Well. Don’t worry! We won’t judge you. We will just add a little more information to your brain tank about the same. So, let’s begin!

It stands for ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration.' It got started in the year 1958 by being a part of the United States (US) government. Also, you must know that NASA takes charge of U.S science and technology that deals with space and airplanes.

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But, What Exactly Is The Function Of NASA?

NASA does many varied things. It formulates satellites which in turn helps the scientists to comprehend more about our planet Earth. It also sends its probes into the space to study the solar system and things which are farther away. Not just that, according to news they are coming up with a new program that will send humans to find out Mars, asteroids and more. well, apart from that, they also work together in a team to make air travel better for us. These things can help to make life on earth much better beyond human imagination.

Are you keen on learning new stuff? Would you like to explore some adventure? Also, are you interested in planning a future mission to different planets? Do you know that NASA’s education office people work way too hard to distribute news about NASA’s aims to grasp about Earth and space with teachers? Later, those teachers work with students to make them ready to become future engineers, scientists, astronauts and so on.

Next Question, Where Is NASA Located?

The headquarters of NASA resides in Washington D.C. Also, United States has ten NASA centers located there. They also have seven test and research facilities.  Do you know a lot more than eighteen thousand people work for NASA? And surprisingly, astronauts are just a small portion of workforce though being an astronaut is the best job over there. Innumerable engineers and scientists work there. There are people who have also pursued jobs such as of writers, secretaries, lawyers and even teachers and more.

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So, What Has NASA Done Till Now?

From its inception, NASA began with the planning of human spaceflight. NASA learned about flying in space from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs.  This, in turn, led to premier human landing on the moon in the year 1969. Apart from that, NASA imbibes astronauts that live and work in their International Space Station. Solar probes have visited every planet residing in the solar system. Also, telescopes have been used to look far into space. The satellites of NASA impel people to comprehend the weather designs on Earth. It also tests new aircraft. Some of the airplanes have set some new records. NASA works hard to make faster and safer air travel.

Some Amazing Facts On NASA:

#1. Did you know that NASA has been working on a project which will drive astronauts to the Alpha Centauri which is the nearest star to the sun and that too in just two weeks! I’m sure any hardcore fan of star TREK would love to have such an experience!

#2. Dick Day, Neil Armstrong’s friend discreetly helped him to slip his application into the pile of applications as its request was way too late by a week! Therefore, it is hence proved that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Hope you liked our article!  If you face any doubts while reading the article, let us know by commenting on the box below! Enjoy your day to the fullest! 

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