Do You Agree That Present Formats Of Well Known Examinations Focus More On Logic & Not On Aptitude?

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Do You Agree That Present Formats Of Well Known Examinations Focus More On Logic & Not On Aptitude?

Civil services topper Nandini K R who is gracing the cover of every major newspaper had actually failed to clear IAS prelims in 2013.

This makes one wonder at the constant hard work and struggles that plague a student’s life.


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Exams are easily the most dreaded word for them, as not only does it require a strenuous study routine but they also hold the key to a brighter future. Every student across the globe has at least once sat for an exam that was possibly the most difficult one of his life. Here is a list of some of the most difficult exams around the world that might make yours look way simpler in comparison.

Indian Administrative Services

Considered to be most prestigious position in India, cracking the Indian Administrative Service is probably the hardest thing you could ever do. The responsibility this job carries is heavy and hence the examination is conducted in a thorough manner. The exams for IAS happen in 3 phases which can last for a year. The syllabus for it doesn’t end.


The National Higher Education Entrance Examination which also goes by the name of Gaokao in China is considered to be one of the most difficult exams any student can sit for. The exam is so illustrative that it almost brings the nation to a halt. The exam stretches over a time period of 9 hours and 2 days and some of the compulsory subjects are Chinese literature, Mathematics, and English language. 

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International Mathematics Olympiad 

Any exam based on math is going to be anything but easy but International Mathematics Olympiad or IMO is especially difficult. Over 100 countries from 5 continents participate in this examination which was first held in Romania. 

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The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the most difficult mathematical competition for undergraduate college students in the USA and Canada. Scoring high in this test, that takes place in a time frame of 6 hours, is no easy feat. 

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NASA Astronaut Candidate Program

It doesn’t take a genius to know that becoming an astronaut is very difficult. Most applicants for this distinguished position are made to go through a lot of tough obstacles and only the selected few make it. 

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Well, being a student is not that easy after all.

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