What is a Heatmap?

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What is a Heatmap?

When you own a website, there also comes a fair share of several responsibilities. So, it is really important for you to stay updated with the technological advancements happening each day. Heat Map software is one such technology that you need to know about. 

But do you know what is a heat map in business? And what are the best Heat Map analytics tool that would help you analyze even the complex data sets? In this article, we will find it all. 

What Is A Heat Map?

The simplest way to understand a Heat Map is to think about a spreadsheet that does not contain figures but has different colors portraying the values. There's a default gradient set where lowest values are dark blue in color, mid range values are set for light gray color, and the highest values are deep red in color. Heat Maps are used for displaying multi-dimensional data and also to identify the clusters of similar value rows.

Heat Map is basically the visual presentation of the visitor's strongest desires. The term "Heat" in Heat Map defines the amount of action on the specific area of a particular page. And you know what a Map is! So, in the easiest language- Heat Maps are those optical guides which reveal your visitor's habits.

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Heat Map Software/ Tools 

There are several Heat Map analytic tools available for one to make use of. These tools help in analyzing how the visitors are interacting and using the website. Basically, these tools offer visual analytics allowing the owner to see which part of the page is hotter, i.e., getting more activity and where there is a lesser activity with a blue highlight. Depending upon the software/ analytic tools, there can be added benefits for the business site. And this ultimately helps the website in enhancing the customer experience along with better optimization. So, here are the best Heat Map analytic tools which can be used without a second thought.

#1. Crazy Egg

#2. ClickTale

#3. SessionCam

#4. Seevolution

#5. Lucky Orange

#6. HotJar

#7. Mouseflow

#8. Heatmap.me

#9. Chartbeat

#10. ClickHeat

#11. Clicky

#12. Ptengine

#13. Inspectlet

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What Is Heat Map In Business?

When it comes to business analysis, Heat Map is one of the most useful and powerful data-analysis tools. It provides several benefits for the business. You get a tremendous amount of information at a glance. Having an access to the bigger picture, Heat Map displays the strengths and vulnerabilities. It is a great thing if used properly. Heat Maps allow the individual information to be placed in the context of entire data.

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Heat Map Example

Should you watch Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire? Or, what should you watch? The first question has two different choices where you can weigh the pros and cons for coming to a conclusion. But the second one could mean anything in the world and it's difficult to make the choice. This over choice drives away the traffic and Heat Map might display scattered clicks on a particular web page. But with the help of analytics tool, you can improve the same and work on the drawbacks.

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