What is Double Red Cell Donor?

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What is Double Red Cell Donor?

Donating blood is one of the best gifts you can give to those in need. But there is something known as double red cell donation which is even more helpful to those who need blood donations. There are different types of blood donations and many different procedures for donating blood.

This article will tell you how to prepare to give blood and what are the benefits of donating double red blood cells. Let’s explore more on this.

How To Prepare To Give Blood

#1. Check Your Eligibility 

Every country has different requirements for donating blood. Mostly they are concerned with the age, height, weight, medical history, etc. for donating blood, you have to be healthy and not suffering from any illness. Your weight must be least 110 pounds. The minimum age for blood donation is 16 or17. Make sure you are not on any medications such as antibiotics or others.

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#2. Schedule An Appointment

Once you have checked your eligibility, it is time to book an appointment. Many centers need time to prepare for blood donations. If you don’t want to book an appointment, you can look for blood donation drives in your area.

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#3. Getting Ready

Before you donate blood, you should get a good sleep. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and keep a gap of three hours before you go for blood donation. A well-rested body and well-fed stomach will make you get rid of the fatigue from blood donation.

What is Double Red Cell Donation?

In double red cell donation, the blood collecting center only collects your red blood cells. They do not collect your platelets or plasma. The process used for this type of blood donation is called automation. This allows donors to give twice the amount of their red blood cells. Automation enables the collectors to collect the most crucial component of a double red cell donor.

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Who Can Be A Double Red Cell Donor?

People who have O-, O+, A-, A+ and B+ blood type can become double red cell donors. However, these donors must meet some requirements before they donate blood. Men should weigh 130 pounds and should have a height of 5’1” or taller. Women should weigh 150 pounds and have a height of 5’5” or taller. These requirements are based on the volume of blood. Women have less volume compared to men. you can donate blood at an interval of 112 days or 3 times in a year.

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Did you find this article interesting? What are your opinions on double red cell donations? Would you become a double red cell donor anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section below.      

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I think I would love to be red cell donor as it is something which is required in today’s times. In today’s times, where people are dying at an incessant rate, there is a dire need for components of the blood rather than the entire blood transfusion. It is more useful as you are able to give double of what you give in normal whole blood transfusion. We just shouldn’t forget to eat and drink well before thinking of donating blood or its components as it can cause you weakness after donation. So it’s a must to keep yourself healthy and fit all the time.
Also, as a red cell donor, we shouldn’t forget to meet certain requirements which could ruin our health if not met. There are certain height and weight specifications that are way traditional type from blood donation. Also, you shouldn’t worry much as the blood is sucked out of you from one arm of yours through a needle connected to the machine. The interesting part is that the machine collects the red blood cells then sends back other components into the contributor’s body along with a saline solution that helps the contributor’s body to recover and to ensure that the volume of blood is the same in the body post donation.
Also, you can give blood every 56 days so don’t just run to the clinic to donate quite frequently as it can ruin your health. If somebody is not able to give after every 8 weeks, then you may be allowed to give after very four months which makes it convenient for people who hold a passion to donate blood.
So you need not worry if you plan to donate a component of blood as it will do no harm to you until you follow all the rules.

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