What does the FTO Gene do?

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What does the FTO Gene do?

If you put on weight very easily even after maintaining a strict diet, you're trapped by the FTO gene. Researchers have linked obesity with genetics, and if it is really true, you should be blaming the FTO genes for the extra pounds that you've gained.

FTO or fat mass and obesity-associated protein is an enzyme usually found encoded on chromosome 16. In 2007, SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) is found within the fat mass, and FTO were the first genes to be associated with human body mass.

FTO Gene Test

At present, there are only four tests available for faulty gene test/FTO testing which are capable of identifying the genes associated with obesity.

#1. Obesity Genetic Testing

The test is conducted by the use of Genotyping.

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#2. Epilepsy Exome Panel

This test is conducted using the next gen and sequencing method. It generally takes about 8-10 weeks for a patient to recover completely

#3. FTO

FTO test is conducted to find out the faulty genes, and the methods used for this are Sequencing, Next gen + sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) + Del/Dup (CNV).

#4. Intellectual Disability NGS Panel

This is the fourth method for faulty Gene testing, and it usually takes 4-5 weeks. The methods used are Sequencing, Next Gen + Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger) + Del/Dup

#5. FTO-Deficiency Syndrome Via The FTO Gene

This method generally takes 2-3 weeks for proper treatment, and the methods used are Sequencing, Capillary (Sanger).

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In a research conducted at Harvard and MIT, scientists have discovered that FTO genes can lead to fat storage. However, in the first test conducted, scientists were able to block the faulty gene in mice, and as a result, the mice become 50% leaner. So, in other words, you can say that scientists have found a button to switch off these faulty genes. And if we were to believe these researchers, it is expected to find a permanent cure to obesity.

Healthy BMI For Women:

BMI or body mass index, considered as an important factor associated with the cause of obesity, is based on your height and your weight accordingly. According to BMI, your body mass should be in sync with your height, and there are fixed parameters that classify you into the four categories: thin, normal, overweight, and obese.

This usually concerns people, especially the women. Moreover, it's always a good thing to know your BMI, and maintain your diet accordingly. So, the question is, what is the Normal/Healthy BMI for women?

Depending on your age, if you're somewhere between 20-40 years old, your BMI should be between 24-28. The same advances as you grow older.  

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Foods That Turn Off Your Fat Genes

After all, that's said above, everyone must be dying to know the food they can include in their diet. So, the answer to "Food that turns off your fat gene" is: 

Betaine: It is found usually in Brown rice, quinoa and oats, green vegetables, green tea, and bright colored veggies.

Choline: This compound is usually available in Eggs and Meat. 

Folate: Legumes (Lentils and beans), green tea, and green vegetables usually contain this compound.  

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Methionine: Found in Eggs and lean proteins (Usually found in meat). 

Vitamin B12: This vitamin is present in Eggs and meat.  

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