NASA may send robotic spacecraft to Sun next year

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NASA may send robotic spacecraft to Sun next year

NASA is planning to send a robotic spacecraft to Sun next year.

The objective is to probe the atmosphere of sun and gather new information on the same. Eric Christian, a research scientist at NASA has said that this would be the first mission to Sun. Though it would not be possible to land on Sun but this mission will try to answer some possible queries related to Sun.

The news regarding the mission to Sun is certainly related to NASA as it has been instrumental in sending many such similar missions to other planets. With NASA sending robotic spacecraft to Sun next year, the objectives of the mission are clear. The robotic spacecraft will try to find as to why the surface of Sun known as photosphere is not as hot as its corona which forms the major part of Sun.

NASA pointed out that the surface of Sun has a temperature to the range of 5,500 degree Celsius. The atmosphere in its vicinity is, however, a sizzling two million degree Celsius. In similar news related to NASA, it has come out that scientists would also like to know about the mechanism through which solar wind gets its speed.

A carbon composite shield having a diameter of 11.4 cm has been designed for the mission. It can withstand a temperature of 1370 degree Celsius.

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