What is the best way to learn Robotics???

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What is the best way to learn Robotics???

My choice is SP Robotic Works :

SP Robotics, one of the leader in providing innovative, hands-on education on latest technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things through a structured learning experience has announced the launch of 'SP Robotic Works- Maker Lab', a first of its kind platform, empowering young entrepreneurs to boost innovation in the fields of Robotics and Internet of Things in the country.

check here : SP Robotic Works

About the course :

The very popular Robotics course is structured into four levels with respective kits. The levels and kits start with basics of Electronics and progress to programmable walking robots. Electroblocks kit / Foundation helps you to learn electronics, circuitry and more. Ranger Kit / Beginners helps you to learn basic Robotics and you will be creating a Bluetooth controlled wireless robot. Codey Kit / Advanced is for anyone who wants to learn applied coding. You will learn programming using Arduino based robot. Finally, Quadrino kit / Expert is for a four legged walking robot with which you can learn accelerometer, algorithms and more.

Internet of Things kit / course is designed to create your own Home Assistant. It can talk to you and act like a smart device. It is done through use of Python Programming and Raspberry Pi.

Maker Lab :

Currently 'Maker Lab', is available in 30 locations. It is creating an amalgamation of the best of STEM Education, STEAM Education, Robotics Institute, Maker Space, and Innovation Lab, along with its franchise partners aim to create a revolution in robotics education through its Maker Lab model and making it more accessible.

How to learn:

They provide two options for kick-starting your journey with us - one online and the other at our Maker Lab in different parts of India.

For online learning, the first step would be to buy the kits from our website. Once you receive the kit, you can start learning online anytime and anywhere, at your convenience and create your own Robot. The Artificial Intelligence assisted e-learning platform is quite extensive to help you learn easily. The kits will solidify that learning since it allows practical knowledge. Learn, practice, create and turn in your ideas to be a Certified Roboteer!

Alternatively, you can also learn at the Maker Labs using the shared lab kits. Every Maker Lab has sophisticated Smart-Class based learning classrooms to provide you with the best quality of education. The classes are available at a wide range of timings for your to choose from. They are also available in several locations in a city and across several cities.

In both the modes of learning, there are continuous assessments and instant help from technical teams.

Hope this information is helpful. Have a great learning :-)

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