What are the reasons to adopt AR in Advertising?

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What are the reasons to adopt AR in Advertising?

Augmented reality(AR) has already taken the world of technology by storm as it offers a unique commercial value that goes well beyond games and app filters. The fact is that it has near limitless possibilities in many industries and can affect the sales of both B2B and B2C enterprises. The underlining truth of why augmented reality will be an immense success is that AR advertising provides an interactive platform that has never been tapped or exploited. You are literally using technology that can be used in parallel with real life which would allow marketers and advertisers to reach out to consumers in totally new and unpredicted ways. Studies have revealed that Augmented Reality will generate 60% of the overall commercial investment by the end of 2018.

In a world where there exist over 3.8 billion active internet users, digital advertising is at its peak. The cost on digital ads is found to be a staggering $229 billion in 2018 alone and these figures are only going to increase. With the increase in AR users these figures might even double. Even in our humble nation, the augmented reality companies in India are on an increase. More and more augmented reality startups have also been introduced in India. Today, let us check the top reasons to adopt augmented reality in advertising:


Never before has any technology claimed to be this interactive with its users like Augmented Reality can pridefully profess. Unlike traditional means of advertising, the means adopted by AR are literally life like and allow the users to interact with them. This sort of emotional connection would encourage customers for purchase; A fail safe strategy that has withstood the test of time.


One might argue that augmented reality strategies are extremely expensive given that they might require specific hardware or unique software for their implementation but on the other hand one need to just check what the cost would be for one full-page color advertisement in any prominent printed newspaper or journal. I am sure those figures are all you need to change your mind. Not to mention the same AR application can be used for several other campaigns as well.


The single main objective of any new technology is to reduce human work load and make life as easy and simple for us Homo sapiens. Without a shadow of doubt we can confirm that augmented reality and augmented reality apps in Android have indeed helped us attain this. AR makes it easier for shoppers to take action. One can literally try out the dress one wants or place a piece of furniture in your household to see how well it would fit in, and from a marketing perspective, it is the ideal tool for any product based establishment to flourish..


If digital advertisements used cognitive computing and machine learning to figure out the most favorable products for each respected user, augmented reality takes it one step further by not only informing them about products they might be interested in but also guiding them and giving a real life demonstration.


No one should get the idea that augmented reality schemes are only for the big shots or the top end companies. AR techniques and strategies can be very easily integrated so as to increase footfall in traditional offline sales outlets as well. One simply needs to integrate AR into an existing location based or marker based app so that customers can be brought to your doorstep.

In short augmented reality ads will prove to be the match winner in the near future with regards to field of marketing and advertising. They will prove extremely useful to businesses ranging from small to large and can help any sector attract more customers than they are used to.

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