What are some Best Escape Games for Android?

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What are some Best Escape Games for Android?

Escape games are a fresh breath to the old boring games that were offered by Google Play and App Store until now. Just as the name suggests, escape games help you escape your dull and boring life into a world of adventure, excitement, thrill, and loads of fun. The game puts you in situations which you would want to escape from as quickly as possible.

If you are an avid video game player , then there’s no better way to pass your time than by hooking up with these cool and fun escape games. All these escape game series are available for download on your Google Play and App Store. Most of these series are free while others charge after the trial session expires.

We are sure you might have checked them out by now, but in case you haven’t then let us give you a ride through this fun journey.

 #1. Can You Escape series

'Can You Escape' is a series of escape games created by MobiGrow. Each game is made with an aim to put the player in a bad situation where the only solution to get out is by solving the puzzles. Most of the destinations in the games are fictitious with a couple of real stops like the Titanic. The game is a total solid with hidden features along with the general puzzle mechanics.

Image result for Can You Escape is a series of escape games created by MobiGrow

(Image Courtesy: Google Play)

#2. The Escapists

'The Escapists' first released on the PC and later captured our mobile screens too. The game works on the concept of prison escape. The player moves around, collecting items, conspiring with fellow prisoners and finding out ways to not get caught. The game is made interesting and indulging with a range of scenarios and retro graphics. The player has some ways to escape, but he needs to choose the one who actually lets him escape the prison without being caught.

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(Image Courtesy: Google Play)

#3. Adventure Escape series

'Adventure Escape' is another interesting series of escape games created by Haiku Games. Every solved game gives you an opportunity to escape the situation without being killed. The story line, graphics, and mechanics are thrilling and indulging.

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(Image Courtesy: Google Play)

#4. Into the Dead

'Into the Dead' is an endless series of escape games. The player needs to escape the hoard of zombies throughout the game, which seems like forever. The game offers the players with a number of weapons and power ups that can be used against the zombies.

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(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#5. Cube Escape series

The 'Cube Escape' series is a popular series of long-running escape games created by Rusty Lake. Each game demands the player to find objects, solve puzzles, and escape the situation alive. The series has nine games in total. The graphics and mechanics are comparatively simple and easy.

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(Image Courtesy: Google Play)

#6. Lifeline series

'Lifeline' is again an exciting series of escape games which is constructed on text-based puzzle games by 3 Minute Games. The player is a radio operator who needs to decipher the random transmissions that he receives via strangers. The text based format of the game makes it different from other escape game series and also makes it easily viable on Android Wear.

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(Image Courtesy: Google Play)

#7. Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, and Deus Ex Go

The 'Go' series is a trio of puzzle games created by Square Enix. These are not like the other escape game series. Completion of one level directly takes you to another level with regular supplies of different environments, weapons, and moves. Each game has their own set of powers and arms.

Image result for . Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, and Deus Ex Go

(Image Courtesy: App Advice)

We hope you enjoyed playing these games on your mobile or PlayStations. Which one is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Adventure Escape Series

These escape games are really amazing. I have installed some of these and many more on my smartphone and these keep me engaged during my daily commute to work. Even when you get stuck on a level, you can install a tiny cheat software and take help getting through. 

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