How to download Facebook videos on Android for free?

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How to download Facebook videos on Android for free?

Download Facebook videos is easy with a Facebook videos downloader or video downloader. We want to download videos from Facebook because they are useful, funny, etc. or just for watching when without WiFi. Here are the steps how I download Facebook videos to my OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Step 1. Choose a video download.

Generally, you can not download Facebook videos without the help of download tool. Therefore, it is essential to find an appropriate tool.
InsTube is the app I keep in my OnePlus. I knew the app from my friend who has used the app for a long term. I downloaded it from InsTube official site and installed to prepare for downloading Facebook videos.

Step 2. Go to Facebook site or app.

I always open my Facebook app to view the current information and download the videos and images I like. One of features I like about InsTube is I can download videos from the Facebook app without login InsTube. Of course, InsTube offers a Facebook entrance that users can visit the site directly.


Step 3. Choose a Facebook video to download.

When I watch a Facebook video, a red download button appears on the screen which is convenient for downloading. I will click the InsTube download if I want to download a video from Facebook.


After that, I will choose HD video and MP3 format, then tap “Fast Download” to complete the download.


There are many other downloaders out of official app stores because of copyright infringement. Thus, there is a question: is it legal to download videos from Facebook? Give your opinion in the opinion poll below!

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I think it's okay because I download videos from Facebook for watching by myself instead of for business usage.

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