What do you usually do on Facebook?

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What do you usually do on Facebook?

Facebook has become an important part of our lives.

There are very few people, apart from the senior citizens that do not use Facebook. Facebook is a great way to get connected to your long-lost friends or relatives.

It is a platform that helps you in finding like-minded people by seeing their hobbies and interests on their FB page. But sometimes, people share some stupid statuses about their bosses or work and end up getting into trouble because they are accessible by everyone. It makes me think if Facebook is really a good platform to share your emotions or not! 

I do not spend a lot of time over Facebook as I am busy with other things too like cooking, my daughter or my official work. But there are people who spend a serious amount of time on Facebook and do not realize the amount of their productive time that they have wasted. 

There is no doubt Facebook is very useful to us but we have to decide and dedicate a reasonable amount of time to it. 
I usually log in to my FB or Facebook account at the end of my day, just to see the activities of my friends and some articles that they post on FB. Most of the time, I just read the articles posted on Facebook. Sometimes, I get to read some weird or sad status of my friends who are going through break-ups or sometimes happy statuses they are getting married or got a baby! 

Facebook has become a boon for many start-up businesses also. You can sell or promote your products or services to a highly targeted audience on Facebook. Using Facebook Fan Pages also increases your Brand Value and Social Media Presence by regularly posting details about your products or services or any latest offers that you intend to make. It helps you find new clients and leads for new Start-ups. 

But I feel the real advantage of FB is that it shows real-time news streaming and articles. Latest major or the breaking news usually goes viral on Facebook. 
My parents have gone to the US for vacation. And the latest Video chatting feature on Facebook has made it easier to talk to them through a webcam. It’s an awesome feature to have a chat and watch them simultaneously. Now we do not have to worry about them as they are very far from us. I have given them a list of things to get for me. So, when they are shopping they just connect on FB video chat and show me the stuff and if it is good for me then they buy. It makes me laugh sometimes, how the technology has become so advanced that we can see people who are several miles away from us!

Facebook for me is a platform for being in touch with my old and new friends. I don’t have a huge list of friends; I add only those who matter to me. I never respond to a random Friend Request. I feel that is necessary to accept the request from the people you have actually met! 
There are few disadvantages of Facebook also. I Feel Facebook’s Privacy Policy is not very safe. So, I don’t share too many pictures of either mine or my family’s. I always have the paranoia that somebody might sneak into my profile and get my personal pics. I feel it is safe only when you do not give out too much personal information. Also, Facebook is full of Fake profiles. And by that I mean there is no limit to these fake profiles on FB. Mostly, these stalkers or the marketers create fake profiles to gain more friends and using them for marketing purposes. 

Our younger generation must be careful about these flaws in Facebook so that they are safe from the stalkers. A set limit for them to use Facebook is a must or else they might end up being a Facebook Addict. But if used in the right proportion and for the right time with proper care, it can become a powerhouse marketing and social media networking tool for everyone. Also, after the safety measures, FB is a definitely a boon for us. 
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