If your Girlfriend hides her Relationship Status on Facebook, Should You be Suspicious?

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If your Girlfriend hides her Relationship Status on Facebook, Should You be Suspicious?

Is the fact that your girlfriend is not revealing her relationship status on Facebook giving you sleepless nights? Should you suspect her for the same?

Well, the most important thing in a relationship is trust. If you do not trust her, it will lead to a plethora of problems. So, instead of suspecting the love of your life, try confronting her with the issue and see what she has to offer as an explanation. Communication in such cases is an ideal solution to the problem. 

What do you think? Should you address the problem with your better half or continue to suspect her and keep worrying? Tell us how you would have acted in the given situation? Comment on the box below to share your opinions and view with us!

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I, frankly, won't discredit a partner's concern on this matter! I know we give undue importance to Social Media these days, but all said and done, we are far more active on Social Media these days than we are in actual life. Social sphere is an important part of our lives. So, discrediting such a concern is not all fair. Though i would still say, don't jump the gun on basis of assumptions as well!

You should take into consideration as to how active your partner truly is on social media, and how much importance they give to their social media persona? Well, if your partner isn't much active on social media, so where is the cause to worry?! Secondly, maybe your partner doesn't share same views about making her personal life public on social media as you!

Another thing that matters is the duration of the relationship, for how long have you been in a relationship? is it exclusive for both of you? have you talked about future plans? is your partner on the same wavelength when it comes to the relationship as you are? Well, maybe your partner is not comfortable with taking the relationship public yet as your relationship is still quite young and new; or maybe because she isn't on the same step in the relationship ladder as you.

And the last bit for consideration should be- Have you both made your relationship official to your near and dear ones? Well, if it is this, then maybe they are not comfortable about making it public on such a platform before opening up about it with her loved ones!

So, thing over these 3 points, and the best thing to do, just talk to her about it, either directly or swing it by in a conversation.

There's nothing wrong in that. It's her life and I would want her to enjoy her personal space. Our relationship is based on trust and mutual understanding. Social media shouldn't destroy our peace. 

I think it is of no such importance. If my girlfriend doesn’t want to change her relationship status on Facebook, I must completely respect her decision and not doubt it. There may be several reasons why she must have decided not to change her status. I trust her and I know that whatever decision she takes, I am never going to doubt it. Do not confuse that with blind faith, we just have faith in each other. Our relationship is not something that we want to disclose for the public.

It is completely OK if a person does not want to share their relationship status on Facebook. it is not the end of the world and there is nothing to be suspicious about.

Since when has social media become a tool to confirm a relationship? There are several reasons why she wouldn't want to reveal her relationship status on Facebook. I think you should understand and respect her decision. 

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