What should I do if I've been with a girl who I have a child with who cheated on me in the beginning of the relationship?

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I've never gotten over her cheating. And I still get paranoid that she still does cheat. I've recently felt like I'm alone. My life is in peril. I feel neglected in my relationship. I never feel like my emotions or opinions matter in this relationship. I've been lied to constantly. I know I came into this relationships with trust issues. But now I'm feeling like I have been manipulated from the very start. I didn't want to have a child this early in life. I was only 24 when our daughter was conceived. I was a virgin. Who was told that she had to have a baby or she would kill herself by someone I already knew and fell In Love with over four years prior. My last birthday she didn't even get me anything. I understand we dont have money rn. But not even sex. She has only been passionate during sex when we were trying to get pregnant. I've tried talking to my friends and family. But not even they know what I should do. We dont even live together. All I've wanted was my family. But lately it feels like I was never meant to have one with this woman. Idk what to do. I'm confused I'm hurt and I feel like it'll never get better

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