From a male perspective, what do you think he wants from me?

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I know very well that I may never know what it's like to be in a relationship with him, or what it's like to be loved madly by him. But the question remains: What does he want from me? 

When we first met it was magic, in the sense that we could feel something in the air. I ended up going home with him that night but it was strictly platonic. He plays in a band, so naturally we'd all go back as friends to jam before the end of the night. It was me, a mutual friend of ours, his girlfriend (yup!) and him. 

We sneaked kisses, which apparently was okay, because his girlfriend didn't mind? And that their relationship can be open to people he is attracted to. 

Fast forward a few months later, I bump into him again, he was alone this time. The same thing vibe was there, he gave me kisses everywhere, infront of everyone, cupped my face and looked intensely into my eyes, the usual. But this time around, he pulled me aside and says he would like to have a few minutes with me away from the bar, which we then went outside and spoke. 

All he did was ask me about my life, and that he's played that one experience over and over in his head since I last saw him, and that he doesn't know what it is about me that drives him mad?

He said he was bored of his life, and that I intrigue him, how beautiful I am, the look and feel of my skin, kissing my hands, my entire face, my neck. He wanted to hold hands and touch my hair and just be around me. Which he then took me home, once more, where him and his girlfriend lives, just hold and be around me. 

I'm just really keen to hear opinions on this, especially from a guy. What is he doing? 

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