Should i have hope or forget about him?

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Follow Post yeah I know that this i very typical issue but whatever. I am 16 he is 28. And i really love him. Yeah i know you may think nope you aint truly love youre too young but i guess i do.I met him year ago.He was my "tutor" on a camp.And i thought he liked me too. Like he hugged me for no reason,he told me i have pretty smile,or winked to me and said "you know i like you" and smiled. And e.g we were riding on skateboards holding hands :/

Then the camp ended. I wrote sometimes to him and usually he replied nicely :) Then year went by and i came to the same camp. He was there as well. I came and he said "its nice to see you".One time i was walking to my friend and he was coming my way and he pull a hand like he wanted high five but he just grabbed my wrist and continued walking and pulled me.

I really dont know what to do :( 

Yeah he is too old...and probably doesn't care.

I would appreciate any help from you folks! 


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