How to Get Over a Breakup?

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How to Get Over a Breakup?

When a breakup occurs, it leaves an array of emotions running high. This is true for both men and women, even though some people assume that only women experience these emotions. Even in relationships that were on the rocks or those that had seen their better days, a breakup is a hard pill to swallow. If nothing else, the feel of rejection is enough to send a wave of emotions through the mind and heart. Everyone enjoys feeling wanted and valued and when you’re discarded, that is the least of the feelings that you experience. When the love is still strong, breakups are even more difficult to endure. But, as hard as they might be, breakups are all a part of life sometimes. We cannot control how others feel or what they want. We cannot help others heal or treat us with the respect that we want. Relationship end, and when they do, it sometimes hurts. 

Moving On is Never Easy

Sitting around playing a list of sad songs isnt any way to spend a breakup, even if it is the only activity that sounds appealing. You will find that you aren't eating, you aren't sleeping, and that life is just out of place now. Sitting around crying, wishing, and wondering with thoughts of the ex on the mind only increases the emotions that are already running high. It is impossible to get over something that is constantly on your mind. But, there are a couple of choices. The relationship can break you and turn life upside down. Or, you can learn how to move on, even when it is the last thing that you want.

Maybe there is hope that the relationship will mend itself, but only time will tell. This is not where your attention should focus, however, because the truth is that this might be something that never happens. The relationship has come to and end for a reason, after all. You should always plan to live life without this other person after a breakup. If things change down the line, you’ll be mentally strong and ready to give it a go again.

In the meantime, it is important to put focus where it is due and that is on yourself and learning the best coping strategies to deal with the breakup. If you’re sitting around wishing and wondering with tear-filled eyes, you arent productive to anyone. Most people have experienced a breakup; most people several of them. When that occasion enters your life, let the experience of those who’ve been there, done that put you on the path of recovery from this overwhelming heartbreak using the breakup tips below.

Accept It

The most important step that you must take after a breakup is acceptance. It is sometimes hard to believe that it is over and that you will no longer share talks, secrets, or romantic excursions together, but it is reality and one that you must accept. When you can accept it for what it is, getting over things is so much easier and will happen far quicker. Breakups occur every single day and for each person involved in that encounter, life goes on. You can choose to let the breakup get the best of you or you can get the best of the relationship and the breakup and move forward with your head held high. Accepting that it is over is the first step towards a pain-free future.

Its Your Breakup and You Can Cry if You Want to

Tears are normal and occur when we experience an event that causes us sadness. In fact, it is oftentimes healthy to cry and it definitely helps you move on much faster. As much as we oftentimes wish it was possible, turning off our emotions does not occur like a key unlatching the lock. It takes time to heal from a breakup. Don't try to move on too quickly or mask the hurt that you feel. Sooner or later it all comes to the surface and you do not want that built-up pain or anger to overwhelm you later. Cry and let it all out. It is the first step of the healing process. Only when you've cleansed yourself mentally and emotionally can you truly move on from the breakup.

Go on an Adventure

The worst thing you can do after a breakup is sit around the house by yourself. So much is going on in the world around you. Take this opportunity to enjoy it and experience life to the fullest. When you’re participating in activities that you enjoy, they’ll fill your mind rather than thoughts of a relationship gone wrong. You can pick up some awesome skills and hobbies in the process and will not sit around feeling sorry for yourself, causing more drama than necessary. The endless list of ways to enjoy life to the fullest ensure that everyone, whether guy or gal, regardless of age or background, can find many fun activities of interest.

Spending time outdoors is always a great way to relax, unwind, and clear the mind. An abundance of outdoor adventures make it easy to experience these pleasures while taking your mind off of the breakup. Maybe hiking is a thrill that you enjoy or perhaps you prefer the adventure of rock climbing. No matter what you want to enjoy, the great outdoors is filled with nature-related activities that have your back. Look for activities nearby your home or work or pack up the car and head out for a road trip adventure! This is the perfect time to explore the lands! 

Is there an activity that you’ve always wanted to learn? Perhaps you want to learn how to cook elegant meals at home, or perhaps you’d love nothing more than learning how to dance. If you’ve dreamed to learn how to ski or crochet, or even play a sport, engage in that activity now! Maybe even pick up a few new activities to fill your free time. Life is meant to be fun, so why not experience as many adventures as you can, as often as you can? When your mind is focused on activities that you enjoy, it is hard to mope over the breakup. Plus, the immense fun that you enjoy is second-to-none!

Block ‘em

We live in a digital world and there is little doubt your one of the millions with SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts. You’re friends with people from every part of your life and even some people that you’ve never before met. And, of course, your are probably friends with your ex, if you’ve yet to delete them from the list. But, don’t stop there. Block them, too, so there is no way they can snoop around. Plus, you won't face as much heartbreak if their photos and posts aren't hanging around to haunt you. It is vital that every step is taken to remove the ex from your life completely if you expect to get on with life.

Have Fun

Getting out of the house ensures that you are not taking the breakup harder than you should. You will feel better about yourself when you get out of the house and plan a day or a night of fun that leaves all of your worries behind. Make plans to go out with friends, whether you plan a day at the mall, a trip to the movies, or even a special night on the town. When you are out and about having fun, you have little time to think about the ex.

Write a Letter

You probably have many things to say to your ex. You want this person to know how you feel and the pain they’ve caused. This is your free space so use it however you’d like. You can curse, name-call, and scream and shout via the flow of the ink pen. You Can profess your love and beg for a second (or subsequent) chance to make things right. It is your free space for you to let it all out. You simply need to get it all out and when you do, the healing process starts. It is perfectly fine to write a letter. Let your emotions freely flow as you write and be sure that you use pen and paper. Sign it, seal it, and address the letter. And then, rip it to shreds. The simple process of writing the letter can be of great help when your heart is heavy and there is something that you want to say.


Exercise is an important part of a good well-being. It is also important for anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain their current body shape. It improves the cardiovascular health and helps improve life in so many other ways. After a breakup, working out harder and stronger than ever before certainly keeps the mind focused on positives in life rather than the relationship and puts you on the path to a healthier you. Think outside of the box and enroll in a martial arts class or a kickboxing class. Maybe that bag isn't your ex, but it will certainly be easy to make a mental vision of the face against the punching bag so it is easy to get out some aggression. You’ll get stronger, pick up some kickass skills, and get fit when you pick up an activity like this!

Get Rid of Your Ex

Now that you’ve blocked the ex from social media, it’s time to get rid of any and other articles that remain that remind you of the person. Whether it is momentos, photographs, or jewelry, it has no room in your life any longer. So, should you toss it out or take it to the nearest shop to snag a little cash? Of course, the latter is always an option ,but if you aren't ready to part with the memories (as many people like keeping their memories,) simply sore them out of sight in an ‘ex box.’ Put this box inside of the closet or another location that it is not seen on a daily basis and keep it there until you are 100% sure that you are over this relationship. It is important that you are rid of all information that puts thoughts of the ex in your head!

Call the BFF

What are friends for? If you’ve experienced a breakup, text your BFF or make a call if you still do those type of things! You might even consider paying your friend a visit since face-to-face interaction is more personal and this is what you need at this moment in time. Nothing is more reassuring than a tight hug from the best friend when you are hurting. Friends are always there to give you their support, words of advice, and encouragement, and of course, a shoulder that you can cry on. Sometimes this is the best type of therapy anyone can receive. Your best friend will be thankful that you picked up the phone.

A New Life Awaits

The length of time that you spent with your partner is of no concern when the relationship ends. It all hurts the same when the love that you thought you found proves to be untrue and you are left to put back the pieces. But, it happens to the best of us at least a time or two during this thing we call life. We let it burn and then we move on, just as you will after this breakup. If you want to be strong and get on with life, use the tips above to make that a much easier goal to attain. Although it is never easy to get over a breakup, it is possible, as we are all proof. And, it is much easier to get on the new path of life that you should be on when you know the best ways to get over the breakup. Use this information to your advantage.

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